COME CHECK US OUT!!!! NEW FRESH - ForsakenLands PVP ( Hardcore | +Adventure )


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Apr 24, 2021
Looking for a server Look no further if you're looking for a survival experience? scavenging from house to shed looking for gear, food, water. We have A Chernarus Server Offering FULL PVP

Are you a fan of DayZ official servers but are sick of running into Toxic players? Look no further as we have an official type of server which is run by admins to prevent toxic players, cheating and duping.

We pride ourselves in having a great supportive and growing community with always someone to interact with, trade with or even end up in a war with!

Vanilla Style Raiding along with C4s, Vehicles around the map, No traders, Helicopters about to be found.

Check out our discord. I look forward to meeting you!!
Peace [F.L] SmoggyGaz - Server owner.


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