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General Information:
We first re-opened Buzz around 2014, but we closed due to private/personal matters, we re-opened on the 09/03/2019.
Buzz offers an unique eco-system with Duckets being used for regular furniture and credits/diamonds for anything special, this allows us to keep the economy strict while yet allowing users to be creative. Users will receive 500 credits upon registration and will then earn 15 credits every 15 minutes. VIP's will earn 20 credits & PRO's will earn 25 credits every 15 minutes. Oh, also every weekend is double currency for all users!

Cool stuff:
  • You will be awarded with credits, duckets & even diamonds for logging in daily.
  • A fully automated Lottery System; Tickets are 100 Credits and will go towards the prize pool which then 1 lucky person will win the lot every saturday!
  • Unique commands such as; SetState, SetHeight, SellBoom/BuyRoom, RollDice, CloseDice, NameColours, Pay & many more.
  • Ambassador system with Helper tools.
  • A fully working talent track for achievement progress.
  • A fully Automated HC leveling system; you will earn more rewards the longer you're continuously online (badges, furni, duckets & credits).
  • A Weekly User Room bundle competition (Every purchase will go to the creator in the public catalogue).

Quick answers.
  1. Another one? Yes, another hotel.
  2. Why Buzz? short & easy to remember.
  3. Going to close like the rest? Probably, hopefully not soon.
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