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Minecraft Statistics.com ~ The heart of Minecraft.

About us
My inspiration came from back in 2014, when I started making my own servers and as every server owner, began to add my server to various Minecraft Toplist websites. I started to think, all these Minecraft Toplist sites had promoted servers based on votes/sponsorship. It was either the money you had or amount of votes your server had already got. I thought, why couldn't there be a similar website, but this time instead of judging a server based on votes etc, judging it on user feedback, and what the general community think of it? This is what had inspired me to create Minecraft Statistics.

I had joined hands with the well known web developer Fabian in early 2016, and set off to accomplish a goal which was making a website that would connect Minecraft players & server owners together, by promoting & advertising servers based on votes but by also giving the opportunity for people to publicly comment and give reviews on how good a Minecraft Server is. I wanted to create a true heart that connects Minecraft Servers with the Minecraft Community, and make it more interactive.

What we offer
[ To view this link you must register here. ] is a fantastic platform for server owners to gather a community, weather you have just started a server or owned a server for a long time, by registering your Minecraft Server to our website, your server will reach out to hundreds of potentially new players, and the use of reviews etc will also allow you to gather feedback on how good your server is, the best parts and what may or may not need improving.

Exclusive Offer to new servers
Since we have only just opened up, the first 30 servers that have been listed with votifier support will have the server displayed on the front page of the website, which will prove to be a massive advantage above all the other servers that will soon be registered on our website at a later date.

[ To view this link you must register here. ] is the link for the brand new Minecraft Toplist website. If you have a server, or are looking to join a server, then it is a must have.

EDIT: The website is being flooded with servers and people looking to join servers, so register as soon as you can!



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well there no point in signing up then if you have a minecraft server


Love Javascript
Design is a bit sad, but nice idea nevertheless - your competition is a bit strong and you don't offer much versus them

(They have bukkit api's, lol)


Posting Freak
I like the idea of the site, but as said by Leader, your site is weak compared too sites like [ To view this link you must register here. ]
I suggest you integrate PE servers, and maybe categorize the servers more.

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