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BrainCMS - English Admin Panel

Discussion in 'Habbo Releases' started by sensaze, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. sensaze

    sensaze Member

    So this isn't my code at all, all I've done is took the time to convert 99% of the admin panel in @BrainCMS to English. You may still have to edit files to change my hotel name 'habbro'.


    [ Want to see this link? Register ! ]
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  2. Lotus

    Lotus Legacy, it's all anyone leaves behind.

    Good job
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  3. Berk

    Berk c00l c4n u g1mme ur c0d3 plox Developer

    why this looks like paint edit? lol
    good job btw.
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  4. BrainCMS

    BrainCMS Brain is live, Live is Brain

    Nice :) i add it in the new update of brain!
  5. Baloe20xd

    Baloe20xd New Member

    Good job!
  6. HoldUp

    HoldUp yeee wag1

    nice great job.

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