Applicant Bored, let me know what you got. I'll help.


Nov 30, 2016
If by any chance, you’re still interested in working on something then hit me up.



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Aug 28, 2022
I recently just bought a couple dedicated servers and have configured them to set up a web hosting business selling VPNs, Shared Hosting and Managed Dedicated Servers. I am working on a design scheme at the moment, and I would love to get some help with the programming and overall building of this project. I would offer a partnership agreement if you have skills like that, skills that would get the show on the road because I have been poring over this website design for a while now and havent had the time to fully get it done and up. I have already sold some hosting packages but I am wanting to get a beautiful website up. LEt me know if you're interested.

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