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PC Black Jesus found on the ARK servers

Discussion in 'Gaming Discussion' started by Wassim, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. Wassim

    Wassim ♕ The Awesomeness Within...

    Found this guy at red obellix water. Too funny had to capture it

  2. Khalil

    Khalil Divine Motherfucker

    Holy shit, Moses's tablet had better graphics.
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  3. TesoMayn

    TesoMayn Boredom, it vexes me.

    I've played ARK so I know how optimized it is, but I have never had to put it in 8-bit mode to play lol

    What're your specs?
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  4. Wassim

    Wassim ♕ The Awesomeness Within...

    8gb of ram
    Gtx 960
  5. TesoMayn

    TesoMayn Boredom, it vexes me.

    I understand now :p
    Not sure if they optimized it better or not, haven't played in a while
    I played on an i7 4790K 32gb ram with GTX 980 Ti and it still didn't run perfectly :p

    Still, good game imo, especially modded
  6. Wassim

    Wassim ♕ The Awesomeness Within...

    It's pretty crazy right now game is a full grind.

    I'm currently playing in a pvp unofficial vanilla server with x2gather x5tame it makes the game so much more fun and you progress yet it's still hard.

    And yeah also I can run better graphics but then I lose half fps 60 then I start getting 30 and it drops to 15-20 when loads of shit is on screen or rendering
  7. Happened to me before, I just had to wait a couple minutes before I came into conciousness

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