Cryptocurrency Anyone still holding?


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Jun 10, 2012
I hold a bit, but not a lot. I have more on stocks than I do on crypto nowadays. I'm still mining alt coins, and I actually mine a lot more than I did in 2018, mining 24/7 now with more systems than I did 2-3 years ago.

When I quit mining I put a bit of money into Riot Blockchain - I regret not putting more in, all this hype has sent that stock skyrocketing (barring the slight crash yesterday).

o/ ....

: (

I can see it hitting another ATH, probably a couple more times until we're not able to generate anymore.
In the next 10-20 years I think BTC will be well over 100K, I just think it’s very high atm to buy. Would probably look at investing if it drops quite a bit.

It’s very unstable as well, really, really puts me off.

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