Allow closed betas in Hotel Advertisements

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Nov 25, 2011

I think the rules for the current state of the retro scene are a bit too repressive, disallowing closed betas. In this case, there's an actual new cool development in the retro space (which is rare, and actually cool to see come back).

This kind of content should be encouraged, it's good people are trying to put out new things and actually putting effort into it. By blocking this kind of content, it can also cause less of an influx of new users to DevBest. Of course, there should be some limitations, as in not expecting people to join your Discord for updates. Thread should be updated. Lots of options to think of.

I was quite excited seeing a new generation of engineers making waves in a legacy scene, was sad to see it closed.

@Liam (tagging you because Josh said you could amend the rules, he's to lazy)
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