Aging in Gaming


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Apr 10, 2013

Does anyone else feel like they can't enjoy a specific game they once couldn't play enough of?

I'm not sure whether it comes with age, or purely the fact that some games just "evolve" way too much, compared to how we knew it, as it were. Lack of communication and community interaction is another possible factor, and certainly doesn't help. Of course, you also have to be in the mood to play.

Another issue I find is actually getting into a new game. It usually isn't long before I'm back on the one I'm burnt out from, but it does help me enjoy it a lot more by switching from time to time.

I personally can't enjoy playing as a solo for long either, especially in battle royale games. It's much more fun playing with a teammate, having comms and a laugh.

Can you relate? What games do you miss enjoying as much as you once did?


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Dec 11, 2011
Not going to lie, ever since battle royale type games started becoming increasingly popular I find it super hard to play story mode games. I do still play a few sometimes, for the sake of the stories but it just seems so much more entertaining playing knowing there are hundreds of other people playing against you/at the same time as you.

Really sucks because even games I used to be in love with and would play over and over I can barely stick around for anymore.


Mar 31, 2018
Games tend to get boring after a while, i end up playing the game too much and then not want to play them anymore. I use to enjoy them and try to play a different game after a while because of this but then i would get bored and run back to the same game. It became to the point where i don't wanna play it because its boring to play these games alone.

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