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Apr 10, 2013


We're looking for extraordinary individuals to help represent Hablush and be an extra helping hand to the community.

Hablush is one of the few hotels where professionalism meets both playfulness and success. If you're looking for employment that will inspire you, or a job that will offer enormous both personal and professional growth, then we suggest you step up and grab this rare opportunity while you can!

The staff team is a group of people who help moderate on a daily basis as well as contribute to the hotel, keeping it a fun place with a friendly environment. We provide articles, quests and many other events to our users! As a staff member, you'll be apart of the effort and support that goes into all of these and much more. In addition to being a loyal player, we're looking for knowledgeable, caring, creative, and outgoing people to help with creating events, moderating and bettering Hablush in the best way they can.

There's no closing date on these applications, so feel free to take your time. We won't be picking any time soon but it's nice to have a form that is open for us to read when we think it's time to hire new staff. If you have any questions about staff applications, feel free to ask any of our administrators - however, we won't help you with your application. This is something we want to see from your minds, not our own.

Good luck!​


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May 20, 2020
As Zodiak once said, instructions unclear. dick got stuck in pc fan

All jokes aside, this look like it's gonna be good


don daddy
Mar 23, 2021
The amount of time and effort you must of spent on this project is undeniably amazing... the CMS is just 😍 love how you’re not rushing anything either and want things to be perfect. I see great things coming for this hotel even with the current state of retros.

offtopic ik but your work has to be praised as you’ve done a good job man, hope it gets big!

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