2017 Community Awards & Drawing Competition Winners

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Nov 25, 2011
Congratulations to all of those that won!

The community awards have been in full swing again, and it's time to reveal the winners! On behalve of the DevBest Staff Team, I'd like to congratulate everyone on their wins!

2017 Community Awards
Most Popular: @Sledmore
Funniest User: @TesoMayn
Most Inspirational: @Wess, @Macemore and @Quackster
Most Hated: @NathanCarn3y
Cockiest User: @Ecko
Most Professional: @Sledmore
Most Missed: @Kryptos and @Sysode
Biggest Nerd: @Ecko
All-Time Legend: @Sledmore
Biggest Fag: @NathanCarn3y
Staff Member of the Year: @Wess
Friendliest: @griimnak
Best Newbie: @Lethargic
Biggest Troll: @TesoMayn
Chattiest User: @TesoMayn
Most Lovable: @Ethereal
Want to meet IRL: @Sledmore, @Wess and @Quackster
Most Helpful: @Ecko and @Sledmore
Biggest Spammer: @JayCustom
Most Creative: @Jian
Best Overall Forum Contributor: @Sledmore

2017 Christmas Drawing Contest Winner
The winner is, due to being the only submission (and votes!), @NathanCarn3y


Mdals coming soon(tm).

If you won a Christmas competition, PM @RastaLulz with what upgrade you'd like.
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