2016: Community Awards & Christmas Competition Winners!

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May 3, 2010
Congratulations to all of those that won!

I'd also like to thank all of those that took part in the community awards voting and Christmas competitions.

2016 Community Awards

Most Popular: @bigdawg
Funniest User: @Khalil
Most Hated: @Jaden
Cockiest User: @eckostylez
Most Professional: @Sledmore
Most Missed: @TesoMayn
Biggest Nerd: @Sledmore
Biggest Fag: @Leader
Staff Member of the Year: @Canadian
Friendliest: @Sledmore
Biggest Troll: @Jaden
Chattiest User: @Khalil
Most Lovable: @Donkey and @Shorty
Want to meet IRL: @Legion, @Hender, @Canadian, @Sledmore, and @bigdawg
Most Helpful: @Sledmore
Biggest Spammer: @JayCustom
Most Creative: @Jian
Best Overall Forum Contributor: @Sledmore
Best Newbie: @Kodys and @LukeOx

2016 Christmas Competition Winners

: @Legion
: @Blasteh


Banners and medals coming soon(tm).

If you won a Christmas competition, PM with what upgrade you'd like.
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