GTA SA [0.3DL] Oceanic Roleplay - Heavy Roleplay [UNIQUE]


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Aug 9, 2019

Re-Launch Advertisement


At last, the long awaited re-launch of Oceanic Roleplay is here! Having already developed our community over the past few months, we are keen and eager to improve with every success! We thank every single person who has helped out, contributing, supporting, donating.. anything you have done, has helped us move up. Why not join us for our history making moment in SAMP that will be one to remember? Your ideal roleplay server is about to come true…

Second, I'd just like to throw out a massive thank you to my Community Owner Tony, you've taken a lot of weight from my shoulders with Oceanic, handling the majority of in game relations. Without you, a lot of this wouldn't have been possible so thank you once again my man.

Why us

Our server is not only unique by script, but also by setting. We know what makes a successful community and we know what doesn't. We've all been players ourselves and we know what we desire from a good server to have a fun roleplaying experience. For that reason, we have decided to break the norm of traditional servers and move away from an American based setting. Although a large majority of our players will in fact be American themselves, we have decided to create something unique by setting our location within a fictional country but still using GTA inspired names for our localisation as this is something we cannot avoid. We aim to take inspiration from all across the world and create a brand new experience you won't see anywhere else! Our fictional country is set in the Oceanic/Australasian continent of the globe and so you may find a lot of differences from your traditional roleplay server but rest assured you will still have a great experience.

We have over 250 new skins for players to use, should you wish to use them. We have faction skins, civillian skins, players with no arms, females with.. meh. You get the drift. Thank you so much for taking time in reading this. Please be in touch!

Our community

Our server is aimed at a high level of realistic roleplay however our friendly staff are always available to offer help and support to newer players reach this desired standard.
At this moment in time, we are still in our development stage but we are making good progress and coming close to a release. I would therefore like to take the chance to advertise our community pre-release and begin the initial setup of our staff faction teams.

We are based in Bone County in order to reduce the size of the roleplaying area, thus creating more enjoyable interaction with one another. The whole of the county is available to utilised though and so you are not restricted in how you desire to play. Numerous positions are available and we are particuarly interested in professional individuals who can help us progress and develop through our launch.

Our Unique Selling Point

We have a unique ability to edit almost anything and everything in game which can be customised through the owner’s settings. Faction permissions, staff permissions, you name it. Anything can be changed in game at the push of a button. Taxes are set by the local government and can be changed according to roleplay demands.
A fully functional inventory system is available and firearms are customised using different names and damages that can all be set in game. For example, you can have a deagle with as many variants as you like, using real life names and staff are able to set the damage accordingly for each firearm.
We have an advanced MDC system that is used to efficiently provide a better search record for the appropriate factions and uses a range of options for you to use including age, blood type and partial name(s).

A new innovative way of roleplaying
New continental setting
The freedom to design your own faction with limited restrictions (rules apply)
Professional staff team
Dynamic in game mapping
Furniture system
Personally designed maps for your faction/group (with re-designed textures)
263 unique skins for your roleplay preferences
Unique script and features
Heavy roleplay

Looking for confident people to run our factions:
Deputy Sheriff's
Fire Department Members
A News Team (You got your own custom skins and interior!)
Government (on going election)
Illegal factions of your choice.

We are always open to new ideas, suggestions and support. In summary, we like to think of ourselves as a friendly community of players, ran by players. So why not join us today? You won't regret it.We


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Jun 8, 2012
Nice to see people still make SA servers rather surprised to see them in this day still

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