◈[EU] WalkerZ|NoTrader|Winter|+Loot|+Clothing|+Weapons|+Raid


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Mar 25, 2021

We all know that players play on servers with a lot of mods. but we used as few mods as we could on this server. in this way, we are a very good server for people who are just learning the game. First of all, we think that the trader is breaking the game too much, so there are no traders! You can only loot. but of course different weapons, clothes and items are available on our server. Besides, if you are bored with too many mods, if you want less mods and simplicity, you are in the right place. It's definitely not VANILLA, but it's MODDED on VANILLA. neither too little nor too much. Anyway, as I said, if there are people who want a little simplicity, we are waiting for you on our server.

◈About us:
As a team we strive to make this the best gaming atmosphere and experience for all of our players; We care about our players, community and server; We have regular player votes and take action upon every vote; We are a team that care about the future of WalkerZ; We want to listen to peoples suggestions and work on them.


◈No Trader!

◈Active Admins

◈Friendly Community

◈No Toxic Gameplay

◈Winter Season(Winter Map)

◈Clothes and Armors(SQUAD MSFC & MVS)

◈C4 Raiding(For now Only raid available with C4, maybe if players wants we can add sladgehammer to)

◈40+ Guns(Morty & ARP wepons)

◈Vanilla Base Building(NO BPP only Vanilla Base Building!)

◈And more...

◈Please log into our discord channel to give us a chance. Stay Safe!


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