1. N

    Better alternative of XAMPP?

    Just wanted to know is there anything better than xampp?
  2. A

    [HELP] index not detected?

    Hey! So I am working on a new hotel, but I ran into an obstacle. I have set up and configured everything etc, but as soon as I visit the hotel link, I get this error: https://prnt.sc/sm6yqz Looks like it is not detecting my index.php? I don't see any other errors (I think). As soon as I...
  3. risaro

    GoldFish CMS in xampp / GoldFish CMS для xampp

    P.S. I’m doing a tutorial for both English-speaking people and Russians, so the guide will be divided into two languages ----------------------------------------------------------RUSSAIN TUTORIAL------------------------------------------------------------ Подготовка 1. xampp ...
  4. T

    AWS XAMPP Habbo Retro Port-Forwarding

    Hello i am using AWS = Amazon Web Services and XAMPP inside it and i do not know how to port-forward my habbo Retro. If you guys know how to do this with AWS and xampp please help me. I am new to this so if you can include Editing the habbo files and port-forwarding that would be great. Thx
  5. AlexVolc

    [PlusEMU] Group Badge Issue (Not what you're thinking)

    Okay so, basically what I have is a localhost setup so sorry I can't provide any direct links for you. I'll iron out the issues I have already fixed to help you support me: What PHP version are you using? I am using PHP7 and have already switched over to a PHP7 friendly badge.php Are you using...
  6. O

    Problem in Xampp NetStat TCP service stopped

    When I connect my server to Cloudflare, my Apache xampp server starts to randomize the ports and then displays the NetStat TCP service stopped error message. Please restart the control panel. Returned -1073741823. Does anyone know how to solve it? :(
  7. B

    [Help] Client stuck on 76% after portforwarding. Looked everywhere for help. [PlusEmu R63B]

    I know that these threads have been posted everywhere but I've looked through all of them and they all end up going nowhere. Currently I have xampp with MySql and Apache online. Everything is configured fine and when I set my IP to localhost, I connect with no issue and everything works...
  8. K

    [HELP!] R63 Retro client size problem

    Hello. I made my own r63 retro and i got error with the client. Its size is really bad and unplayable. Please help. Check the picture Im using Phoenix 3.7.1, xampp
  9. Sam_Otten

    Website not loading on r63b retro

    Hey, my retro's website isn't loading (the whole website so not only the client), I've got Apache and MySQL turned on in XAMPP, port forwarded and my emulator (plus emulator) on. But it gives a "page not available error". It used to work fine but when I wanted to go to the site it didn't load...
  10. Z

    Stuck at 76% from outside of the server PC

    Hello, I am having a stuck at 76% client loading problem. However, I can connect to the client and play the game normally on the server PC I am both playing the game on, and hosting. I am using XAMPP with PlusEmu + SWF's downloaded from Sledmore. The problem is other people can't connect to the...
  11. funkystrainz

    [Help] PHPMyadmin on XAMP [Urgent]

    Hey guys, I didn't post for a while & have been experiencing the same problem for the past couple days, with different sets of errors depending on the where the location of the file is on the command I try to run. It begins on my localhost when I try to redirect from my xamp...
  12. OCvReckeR

    Question: Whats a good version for a CMS on xampp?

    I am really confused cause like am importing a db and it keeps on coming out 300 seconds time out errors Ive tried 1.7.7 1.8.3 and the latest but they still say that. And also I want it to be a version with localhost/security. Its Habulos cms btw
  13. A

    [Help] Xampp Localhost connection error[Help]

    I have installed Xampp correctly and apache and mysql have started properly. When i type in localhost or or anything similar to try and set up a password or view the pages, it doesnt work. I get an error each time that says: This web page is not available ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT I...