1. StingQ

    People send bots in Plus Emulator 600+online [exploit] Need help please!

    Hi someone sends bots to my emulator, the online counter is at 800+ online and no one can check in to the client. How do i fix this, i have asked many people but they dont know. Sorry for bad english im from Sweden
  2. DanielSlivinskiy

    fast food

    Hi, I use a plus emulator edits emulator and where fast food comes in, '' crashed '' and fast food port is 90, Do you know how to fix it?
  3. Marko97

    [Plus Emulator] Command Erase Chatlog

    Hi, Today I will share with you a mini command made by me. This command perform the erase for chatlogs. 1. Go to HabboHotel/Rooms/Chat/Commands/Administrator and create a new class called: EraseChatlogCommand.cs and paste this: using Plus.HabboHotel.GameClients; using Plus.Database.Interfaces...
  4. Marko97

    [PLUS EMU] Super Wired: Give Diamonds [R2]

    Hello anyone, Today I will share with you my creation. A simple wired effect can send an amount of diamonds. The amount could be positive and negative. 1) Open your Emulator solution, go to HabboHotel\Items\Wired\Boxes\Effects and create a new class with this name: GiveDiamondsBox.cs and inside...
  5. AMG

    Cannot walk into rooms! (need help asap)

    Hi guys, I've recently opened up a hotel with everything set and up-to date. Once i hopped onto the client everything was working fine, I enter a room and all of a sudden I can't walk in a room but stay at the door? Could someone please help me out as I will appreciate it! Thanks.
  6. RiskHotel

    [PlusEMU] Catalogue image issue

    I'm having an issue with my catalog images not loading and need major help, I'm using Plus Emulator Release 1. Any help is appreciated, thank you. <3_<3
  7. AMG


    Im using a PlusEMU and this error pops up once it reaches 76%? Please delete your cookies and log back in again. I don't understand whats wrong? my config is all correct and so is my client? and when i do clear my cookies and cache it still shows that? it redirects me to this url and shows that...

    [HELP] Console errors preventing client loading

    These errors are preventing my client from loading, And i cannot find where the errors are coming from. Help would be much appreciated! If any files need posting just say so and i will.
  9. Z

    Stuck at 76% from outside of the server PC

    Hello, I am having a stuck at 76% client loading problem. However, I can connect to the client and play the game normally on the server PC I am both playing the game on, and hosting. I am using XAMPP with PlusEmu + SWF's downloaded from Sledmore. The problem is other people can't connect to the...
  10. Pinkman

    How to update Emulator Revision

    Hello, I need to update my Emulator Packets like Rise Hotel. Can anyone help me?
  11. ItsMeRomian

    [R63B] How to create a 100% working 2016 habbo hotel!

    Hi guys! I've seen a lot of new people asking how to create a 2016 hotel and I thought I'd help them. This tutorial is for noobs who just started creating habbo hotels. Im going to use Sled's edited PlusEMU, a clean PlusEMU database and r63b with PRODUCTION-201604132204-637539863 Downloads: (you...
  12. Hangout

    PlusEmu Rank 4 Can Read Whispers

    Anyone can help me fix this? Rank 4 On my Hotel which is Emerald VIP can read whispers. Anyone can help me?