retro habbo

  1. Kodex

    Help with custom UIs

    I need to know how I can add UIs to my hotel? What I mean by that is when I press a button on the interface or when I double click a custom furni, A SCreenN appears or anything like that? If there is any way I can do this, please help me. If it's about HabboUI Editor, or a flash decompiler...
  2. ElMayor

    Recruiting Recruiting Staffs - 2 Servers

    Hello, i have put some time into these servers with my friends and devs to make it big in the community and don't let Habbo Die. 1- - A Habbo Retro that's made for nostalgic Habbo Players to revive once again those beautiful days in our adolescence. It's made of modern tools...
  3. Ours1Offi

    I have a problem with my retro Habbo

    Hello, I recently encountered a problem with my habbo game, I had followed the Youtube tutorial: But I had to make an error or other ... I would like someone to help me settle her! I specify that I am French and there are chances that I made...
  4. S

    Laksa Hotel - The new Asia Hotel

    What is Laksa Hotel? Laksa Hotel is a brand new online Habbo retro in the community. The hotel is under development, expecting a lot of changes over the weeks. Hence, we are currently looking for great people to join our team. If you have a creative mind and have lots of game ideas, this hotel...
  5. J

    Buy belcredits store - retro hotel help

    I am looking for a tutorial for creating a store to buy calling credits via paypall. Someone who can help me with this? This is the page I have without a system in it: <?php $page['allow_guests'] = true; require_once('./includes/core.php'); require_once('./includes/session.php')...
  6. Pipitt05000

    Holo5 - HTML5 Engine [NodeJS, TS, Sass, MySQL]

    Hi, dudes ! Today, i want to speak a little about my 1 year project called Holo5. I not pretend to reproduce Habbo at all, it is my own representation of what Habbo can be in the future. I really love this game, really. I am stucked on old versions like R18/R26, i hate R63+. So i have make this...
  7. M

    Recruiting Looking for an RP retro dev team

    Hey guys im looking for an RP develpment team i need: Coders Emu Developers Cms Developers People who can add in game features Basically i need a team who can help build an RP emu to it full potential something great and unique I am willing to pay for good work
  8. C

    Recruiting BoostHotel - We're looking for you! Boost Hotel are looking for staff members that could take your fancy, keep reading! Boost Hotel is a new(ish) hotel that hasn't been around for too long now. We have recently experienced downtime due to a few issues with the past community members. Recently returned from the...
  9. C

    [Suggestion] Names for my hotel [Suggestion]

    Over the past days I have been thinking of names for my hotel but they all seemed to be taken so if anyone has a good enough and appropriate name for my hotel please reply down below. Thanks you! :D
  10. Laaino

    Retro Habbo Cloudflare Problem

    Hey guys! I have just set up everything for my retro hotel and connected it with cloudflare, but the problem is that when I trying to enter the hotel the client would not load. It just says error 404. What makes me confused is that my friend can join the hotel so I tested to enter the hotel on...