1. Purewinter

    Local Gaming Repack (Multiple servers pre-setup ready to play) NOOB FRIENDLY //nitro/arcturus/customs/flash/shockwave/

    Local Gaming Repack Update: Added video tutorial for setup of arcturus, nitro, flash, ams and customs in under 2 mins for extreme noob friendly!!! Hey everyone, Hopefully this gives the community a little boost enabling newer users to get started easier. Used to play back in old school days...
  2. Argutus

    [RELEASE] Link Command for [PLUSEMU]

    This Command allows you to send a link in the chat and when a user clicks on it a new tab opens with the url. This is my first release so be nice. Make a new File called LinkCommand.cs in \HabboHotel\Rooms\Chat\Commands\User and put this code in: //By Argutus :) using System; using...
  3. G

    Rick And Morty Furnis

    Hey iknow most wont like this but im still releasing it because im adding it to my hotel anyway hope you like it Images: IF YOU LIKE THEM OR WILL USE THEM PLEASE TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS
  4. BabyPandahh

    [REL] PixelPlaceCMS

    Hey guys, Today i'm realising my heavy editted cms where ive been working on for a while to create a custom style that's never been shown before. Because i put so much work into it i will not give it away for FREE, but for really cheap so i get something for all the time i put into it. It's...
  5. RizyGFX

    Feedback #GRAPHIC RELEASE - Welcome Lounge

    Been working on a Custom Welcome Lounge for a while now and I'm gonna release this to the public. Feel free to give me feedback Theme's for this package includes holidays such as Valentines Saint Patrick's Easter Halloween Christmas Coordinates are Offset X -608 | Offset Y 841 | Offset Z 9900...
  6. xsystem

    Spring Bottom Icons, Hotel View and more!

    Hello People! We are changing our hotel view, Welcome Lounge and the bottom icons each season. From now on we want to share it with everyone. If you like it feel free to use it! Hotel View (Used in the past/edited a bit) Icons: Navigator bottom banners I'm gonna edit this thread soon...
  7. treebeard

    Habbo Public Room Images [Flash]

    Hello everyone, Awhile back @Ellu and I happened to find all of these images of the old Habbo public rooms, from Shockwave, but re-made for the Flash client. Our intentions were to edit all of the images and restore these rooms for everyone to enjoy but we have long since lost interest in...
  8. A

    [REL] Exotic Birds

    Hey all... Just thought i'd drop these. Habbo uploaded the code a few days ago and they haven't even been released on there! (p.s. This is a catalogue teaser I photo-shopped - ur more than welcome 2 use) Anyways, those are the 6 furnis and here's a download link: Comes with SWFS, SQLs...
  9. Platinum

    Sleek (RevCMS THEME)

    Hello! Here is a RevCMS theme I've been working on for a little while. I came across it when I was visiting multiple retros and I saw the theme on a hotel named HabPop, I fell in love with it! Although I was saddened to see that it wasn't edited to it's full potential, so I took matters into my...
  10. StingQ

    People send bots in Plus Emulator 600+online [exploit] Need help please!

    Hi someone sends bots to my emulator, the online counter is at 800+ online and no one can check in to the client. How do i fix this, i have asked many people but they dont know. Sorry for bad english im from Sweden
  11. treebeard

    Habbo Retro Beginners Program Pack

    Good morning everyone! I've been seeing a large amount of people requesting various files, programs, tools, scripts, etc. I realize that some of the well known files, programs, and tools for Habbo retros are not so easy to find as they should be. Over the past few years a majority of the file...
  12. Ellu

    Bronze, Silver and Goldbar! [Release]

    Hello! Here is an release of an BSG bar set, which i have made. Enjoy! The values are 5K (bronze), 10K (Silver) and 50K (gold). If you want to change the value of those exchange items, you can check out my tutorial for that! DOWNLOAD HERE
  13. RizyGFX

    Feedback Welcome Lobby 2018 Release (Graphic)

    Here a little remodel that would look amazing to use as a Hotel Welcome Lounge or a Help Desk! I replaces the images in the posters so you can decide which one you like the most Click Here For Floor Plans [/SPOILER]
  14. RizyGFX

    Custom Emu - #REQUEST

    What is this? Hey, I'm looking for a custom Emu + swfs for NovaRP. Features? Gun Swfs Constant Update with Stats (some rps have like a stats glitch where it doesn't show) Police Bot's Custom Heists Jail + Court System Police Fines (Tickets) Job Agency Housing Agency Plus, I wanna also know i...
  15. RizyGFX

    #Request - RP CMS Updated Features

    What is this? Hey, I'm looking for a cool CMS for a Roleplay and I've been looking for something for a while now can you guys help me out... Features? Live Feed Housekeeping Stats (Health, Energy, Hunger) Job System Housing System Lottery System Top Players (Richest, Most Wanted, Top Kills)
  16. Txc

    Valentines 2018 Furni

    Hey Devbest, Figured I would finally release something for the community, here is a pack of the new Valentines 2018 furni. It isn't a lot, and I have removed the catalog clothing from this release as it didn't seem to work properly. Anyways here are the 4 new furnis released for Valentines Day...
  17. Gobernante

    How to Add Emoji

    Hi Devbest , How to Add Emoji Please Help Me
  18. D

    RevCMS Richest User Page

    Hello Habbotards, I haven't done much in the retro community as far as releases go, so I decided to share something that I couldn't find when I first started my retro. The following script was modified by @Ichabod for efficiency so really you should be thanking him! Copy this code and create...
  19. Wulles

    [PlusEMU][Addon] Items in Order on catalogue

    Hi, this is one Basic "addon" for who wants to made their catalog a little more organized(items by order id). First, open emulator on VisualStudio, and go to CatalogManager.cs(HabboHotel > Catalog). Search for catalog_items and after in the same line, put: ORDER BY `order_id` ASC, like this...
  20. Yonas_

    Habbo New Hats (Cow & Chicken!) Jackets and more.

    Hello, I have the new clothes and hats for you guys, directly from Habbo. This is not a special release or something, just something that I want to share. I hope it saves you some time. Screenshot from the clothes: Download: Click here If someone have a question how to add it, just ask me...