1. C

    Habbflo - We're back! R63b - Custom badges - Camera

    Click Here to play! Hello all! Habbflo is back. If you don't remember us, we were around from 2008-2012 and had a pretty big hotel and community at the time. There's still quite a few youtube videos around, for example We've got a ton of features, such as our fully working camera and photo...
  2. Tiwi

    Flash Vap Hotel - New Fun and Welcoming Community

    Vap-Hotel.com Vap Hotel is brand new, having just opened to the public yesterday! Our team of BETA testers have work hard for the past week to make sure Vap is ready and perfect for our first public users! We run Plus Emulator paired with a classic RevCMS design, with some light edits. We are...
  3. H

    Client not working after enabling SSL.

    After enabling SSL this happened: Manually opening the client with HTTP:// only works perfectly. Any idea on how to fix this? I don't know any other info that you might need, but just ask if there is any. Thanks in advance! <3
  4. Parsov

    Regarding Soccer

  5. game4ager

    R63B retro keeps disconnecting me. PlusEMU.

    So I added some new furni... and after i added that it keeps disconnecting me when i try to play. There was a error with the registered furni. for some reason it couldnt identify the furni i added. i have tried to fix it, but due to not being able to connect... I can't reload the items or the...
  6. game4ager

    [Solved]How to add R63 Furni to R63b Retro?

    Hey... So I have some neat furniture from my R63 retro that I want to transfer over to my R63b. I'm not sure if the furnidata format of R63 can be used in the R63B format. Anybody know how? Is it possible that i can convert it? :tired:
  7. Rystbo

    [R63] Re-GRANDOPENING Paradise Hotel - R63B / Plus / Rev / Hiring [NEW] UPDATED FURNI

    Paradise Hotel Is Here!!! What is Paradise Hotel? Paradise is an online community for players where you create your very own character and design hotel rooms. You'll also meet new friends, chat, organize parties, look after virtual pets, create and play games and complete quests. Lots of...
  8. B

    [Help] Group badges not working when worn R63B Xampp

    Group badges, when created and added to a room, work absolutely fine. I've already added a RewriteRule, linked up the habbo-imaging in my external vars file. Now, when I enter a homeroom of a group, the group's badge shows and loads fine. BUT when I favourite a group homeroom (being in the...
  9. treebeard

    [PlusEMU]Can't edit room once hitting max size [Help]

    Hello everyone, I have noticed a bug in my Plus R2 EMU that I have been editing. For some reason once you hit the max room size (64x64) you can't edit the room at all anymore. You can't even make the room smaller or anything... I'm not getting any errors or anything of the sort so providing...
  10. B

    [Help] Client stuck on 76% after portforwarding. Looked everywhere for help. [PlusEmu R63B]

    I know that these threads have been posted everywhere but I've looked through all of them and they all end up going nowhere. Currently I have xampp with MySql and Apache online. Everything is configured fine and when I set my IP to localhost, I connect with no issue and everything works...
  11. J


    So i am trying to figure out the commands. I have found some commands online but how do i add them? I don't have that ChatCommandManager, but a Commands folder, where i can see a file for every command. I can see i have the "EventAlertCommand" but i cannnot find it on my hotel? What do i do? I...
  12. J


    Good evening I'm currently trying to setup a hotel with a friend, mainly just to try and mess around, but after 5 tries of setting up even the cms, we've found ourselves to have lost hope, as it never works properly. I've seen a couple of threads where people were offering to setup the hotel in...
  13. J

    R63B Help

    Hi boys and girls. Me and my friend recently started playing with r63b. We need aomeone to set up a iis hotel for us. We would appreciate it a lot and if it works I can add some coin. Hope for some replies. Lucas
  14. A

    Habbo Retro Client Help

    Hey everyone, Just got a couple problems with my habbo retro... I am using revcms, and IIS. 1. the url link to go to the client will link to "localhost/client" not "my_domain/ip/client", i cant seem to figure out why, all my links in the "app/management/config.php" are fine as well as my...
  15. Bran

    [HELP] R63B Plus Emulator Background Ads

    so basically I have a retro and it's on localhost and I have tried to put in background ads and it isn't working, they are in the background_ads folder in my c_images but I think I might be putting in the wrong url because they arn't loading?
  16. K

    how to change font? (R63B)

    how to change font? (R63B) =C swix didn't helped for me
  17. Markurt

    PlusEMU errors

    To whom this may concern I've successfully managed to setup my very own retro Unfortunately I keep receiving errors when attempting to enter the client Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time. -One screenshot included
  18. T

    How to make an activate flash notification before client!

    Hi, I've seen alot of hotels using an notification page before the client if the user haven't activated or installed flash. How can I make an page myself? Image of what I mean: Here's my client.php: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ May someone help...
  19. A

    R63B 50K , 75K, 100K bars + crystals?

    Hello, I would like to know if theres any developer out there that would like to help me make 50k ,75k and 100k exchange bars for my R63B retro and possibly some crystal (diamond) bars if possible as well. If anyone knows a post where someone has already made this please do link it , i use a...
  20. waleyy

    Client loads then go back to me..

    So my client loads and i come in to the client then 2 seconds after it goes back to the ''me'' page.. Help please?