1. WeedLikeToSmoke

    [Clipst.one] Clipstone Craft - Crossplay Minecraft server!

    Clipstone Craft - Spawn do /wild, Adventure anywhere u want and create a team! Crossplay - Play on any device. Teams - Team with your friends. PvP - Fight other teams. Discord - Discord Server /Wild
  2. Shahiems

    [Development] Tamuroo | Free-to-play 2D Virtual World

    Tamuroo is a free-to-play virtual world. Build your own personal space, create your own unique avatar, complete exciting quests and play mini games! Discover Tamuroo! Explore the world of Tamuroo; Discover the National Park of Tamuroo, Stores, Houses of other players and other secret...
  3. N

    Is there a way to create minecraft private server for free?

    Since there are lots of ways to create a server and share it in public, is there a way to just create a server only for friends? without lagging so bad? Thank you so much
  4. I


    Hey, i've opened up a legit minecraft server for version (1.11.2) if you don't have this version i can get you the Minecraft launcher download link for free. The purpose of this thread is to inform the public my need of assistance. I need players/admins/etc to help build parkours, minigames, etc...
  5. I

    I wanna co own a server with someone?

    Hello! I'm Mekaih.. i have hosted a few servers on minecraft in the past.. and it was really fun.. summers coming up and i was wondering if anyone has a server they'd need help with.. i'm very well experience.. just shoot me a message on here or discord. Thanks! : ) Discord: GoogleRetros#1441
  6. DogmaMC

    The Woodrock Network is looking for co-owner.

    I am the founder and owner of a brand new Minecraft server known as The Woodrock Network, and I am looking for one dedicated and loyal co-owner to run and develop the server with me in their spare time. This is not a job advertisement so it will be on a purely voluntary basis and flexibility is...
  7. Resubmitted

    PC BRAND NEW Toplist Website

    Minecraft Statistics.com ~ The heart of Minecraft. About us My inspiration came from back in 2014, when I started making my own servers and as every server owner, began to add my server to various Minecraft Toplist websites. I started to think, all these Minecraft Toplist sites had promoted...
  8. Delete

    PC Minecraft SkyFactory 2: How to Begin

    Welcome to Minecraft SkyFactory modded survival! This tutorial will teach you the basics of SkyFactory and how to build your factory. When you start up Minecraft SkyFactory and you go to create a world, make sure you change your settings so your world type is "Void World" Should look something...
  9. Resubmitted

    Recruiting Forum Developer for Minecraft

    SunnyPvP ~ Revolutionizing KitPvP SunnyPvP is a minecraft server open for both 1.7.X and 1.8.X users. We currently only have a KitPvP server that we are working on and have been doing so for over a month. We are planning to open to public this Friday, and have already got hundreds of players...
  10. P

    Recruiting Plugins Developer Needed ! - Minecraft Plugins Developer

    Hello, my name is Peter and I would like to talk to you guys about a possible Plugins Developer position within Our Server that we are recruiting for. Overview: One of the most hardest objectives on a server today is being able to find plugins that suite you and the server you are trying to...
  11. P

    Recruiting HIRING ALL POSITIONS - Brand New Minecraft Server

    Hello! This is an opening to players who would like to help run and manage a new server! So far this is a brand new server and all help is needed and wanted! Also, there are no plans currently for this server. So once we get all the staff for the server we will have meetings for the server and...
  12. TesoMayn

    PC Just a Pack - A Simple Minecraft Modpack

    I have compiled a modpack and I'm looking for some alpha testers, I need people who are experienced with modded Minecraft, to tell me what they think should be changed in the pack (whether it be configuration, or mods). It's not required but if you had a Curse account that would be useful, so I...