minecraft server

  1. WeedLikeToSmoke

    [Clipst.one] Clipstone Craft - Crossplay Minecraft server!

    Clipstone Craft - Spawn do /wild, Adventure anywhere u want and create a team! Crossplay - Play on any device. Teams - Team with your friends. PvP - Fight other teams. Discord - Discord Server /Wild
  2. PorridgeFart

    PC New Minecraft Malaysia Server!!! Come and join us

    Hello guys, My name is Porridge,I'm here to invite you guys to play on my new server called ImpressivePVP.In this server,there are lots of interesting things to do.Example we have a towny server that is customize with our own Developer,with this you guys can have a new experience that you...
  3. I


    Hey, i've opened up a legit minecraft server for version (1.11.2) if you don't have this version i can get you the Minecraft launcher download link for free. The purpose of this thread is to inform the public my need of assistance. I need players/admins/etc to help build parkours, minigames, etc...
  4. I

    I wanna co own a server with someone?

    Hello! I'm Mekaih.. i have hosted a few servers on minecraft in the past.. and it was really fun.. summers coming up and i was wondering if anyone has a server they'd need help with.. i'm very well experience.. just shoot me a message on here or discord. Thanks! : ) Discord: GoogleRetros#1441
  5. J

    minecraft server developers/staff needed

    Hey! PulseMc is a newly opened MC server. We have it up and running, I am needing a developer for custom plugins (website as well :D) and games ect. Also looking for staff! If you are interested hit me up on skype! live:jamest112003 im still looking for staff! a developer has been taken :D...
  6. P

    IlvermornySchoolMC - Devs/Builders wanted

    Hello! I'm an owner of an upcoming Ilvermorny themed server (this would interest those who are fans of Harry Potter) and I'm looking for a team to help create something new & fresh to Minecraft Servers. When established & open to the public, Ilvermorny will be the first on Minecraft so we have...