help habbo noob

  1. S

    Hello! If you want, you can read this post, I hope I don't take much of your time.

    Hello community! I am a new user in the world of Retro servers, I have played several servers, but I always wanted to create one. I would very much like you to give me positive advice, help, video tutorials, or information necessary to create a retroserver. The truth would like to know...
  2. N

    Help, worked yesterday and now it doesn't work

  3. G

    Cannot see the furni

    Hey there i need some help i cannot see my furnis ingame its custom furnis and when i place them down its a black box and i dont have a icon folder so help me thanks
  4. M

    [Help] Plus emu error wont start

    Hi, I'm new to the whole making a retro, and I came across this error when i was setting up my emu. Please could someone help me out? I'm assuming it's something todo with the a table in the database somewhere, but I don't know where or if theres a way for me to find out. Thanks...
  5. Tanya

    Need help guys!

    So i just brought my VPS for my hotel and i am a bit confused as to how you set it up to the actual hotel. I mean I've looked on YouTube and i just see Linux or Mac, how do i do it on Windows? if you can help i would be so grateful! :) Also, im not completely sure on how you get a domain for...
  6. Tanya

    Need help. I need to update my Me page

    Someone had already updated my emu so it is newer, however he couldn't change the REVCMS template on my Home page and Me page, i was hoping that someone would know how to do this? or send me in the direction so i know to do it myself. I have watched numerous tutorials and it just doesn't help it...
  7. K

    [HELP!] R63 Retro client size problem

    Hello. I made my own r63 retro and i got error with the client. Its size is really bad and unplayable. Please help. Check the picture Im using Phoenix 3.7.1, xampp
  8. pedro1212

    someone passes me a plus emulator?

    Hello, my friends would like to have updated hotel and I see a new catalog arrived and that new command and that thing .. someone would be so kind as to pass me something?
  9. Mitsuomi

    Need help for use NodeJS

    Hello, good evening everyone I wonder if anyone can help me use NodeJS because I have a big worry to being that I'm not English and little wedged in NodeJS, I come to you to find someone one would have the kindness to explain how life represented the bar "" or ""...
  10. C

    [Question] Permanent Effect?

    Hi, I have a question, is there anyway you can make it so if a Staff member goes in a room they will automatic have this effect? Is that possible? I am using Azure 1.0, and R63B.