1. BankTab

    looking for dev

    Hello There Devbest peoples What i am Looking For Co Owner / 2nd Dev To Split costs and run dev side of habbo retro Whats done so far Bought Vps Bought Domain hotel is up but needs work to be done if interested hmu on discord Bank Tab#0769
  2. Argutus

    [RELEASE] Link Command for [PLUSEMU]

    This Command allows you to send a link in the chat and when a user clicks on it a new tab opens with the url. This is my first release so be nice. Make a new File called LinkCommand.cs in \HabboHotel\Rooms\Chat\Commands\User and put this code in: //By Argutus :) using System; using...
  3. xSpycito


    Hello everyone, I'm looking for the Habbo Camera Working 100%, please if anyone can help me with this I'll be so thankful :)
  4. AlexMatterson

    Recruiting Looking to start a major habbo retro with someone

    This retro will be something I'll be majorly putting money into, I can buy a .com domain , full protection , cloudflare etc but I can't pay for the vps that's the only problem. its easier if you already have a vps so we can just connect the domain after being bought. want to start a retro...
  5. M

    Recruiting RP Habbo Retro

    Hi guys, I appreciate you taking the time to look at this. I've recently decided I have too much free time and have really only been taking an interest in RP hotels for awhile now, and with previous experience in owning regular retros I have decided to pursue opening a RP. Note: I have never...
  6. ZedPython

    Habbo client wont load!

    Hey guys i started making my own habbo retro. Its only localhost but i cant manage to get it working!! This is when i load the page: Then when i press enter hotel this happens: It says please wait while habbo is loading Then this: _------------------------------------- Here are some...
  7. P

    Downloading software Issues!!

    Hi, So im new here and im confused as some of the applications that it is said you need do not exist when i click the link Also when i run the XAMPP control panel it says i am not running with administrator rights How do i enable it so i am? Thanks, PJJW
  8. momintaysir

    [R63B] Need help setting up r63b habbo retro (Paying)

    Hello guys i need help With setting up R63B habbo retro (i have vps) i'll pay good contact me in skype if you are interested - leroy.decripo
  9. OCvReckeR

    Question: Whats a good CMS

    I need to know a good habbo retro CMS cause the ones I tried are crap (Most of them) I have tried: Iplace CMS FlowCMS Zabbo.me CMS
  10. OCvReckeR

    Help: Hamachi Timed Out on browser

    I am opening a hotel on @RyanzRetros V1 cms and I just changed the links to hamachi but on my browser the webpage wont load pls help wowsoSTFU Pls can someone help me Its a ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT @Vanish