1. Kasja

    [Release] 2x custom furnilines

    Dear Devbest Christmas is "near" - so in the Christmas spirit, I'm releasing 2 custom furnilines. This release contains 2x12 SWF's and icons - which also means there is a total of 24 furnis! One of the furnilines is created with love by me and inspired by danish Christmas (that's also why every...
  2. Kasja

    Autumn customs & recolors release

    Hey Devbest I've recently released one of my furnilines and received very positive feedback - that's why I've decided to release my newest creations! The release contains: Icons & Swfs for 17 furnis Here's some pictures of the furniture: Hope you all like it 😊
  3. Kasja

    Small custom release

    Hey Devbest I've recently created a small furniline which I now have decided to release to the public. The release contains: Icons & Swfs Here's a picture of the furniture Hope you all like it 😊
  4. M

    Old Palazzos Pizza room

    Does anyone have any files / background ads, anything for the old room "Palazzos Pizza". Trying to live some nostalgia with some old friends of mine Looks like picture below. Thanks in advance Best Regards
  5. MartoonBoss

    Bridge MPU by Martoon

    İstanbul Bridge by Martoon i drew it. Discord : Martoon#5184
  6. MartoonBoss

    PACMAN furni by Martoon

    i drew it. DİSCORD: Martoon#5184
  7. MartoonBoss

    PUBG Furni By Martoon

    Hi guys ! i Martoon I'm dealing with design and drawing. Now I will show you the pubg furniture I made i drew it. Discord : Martoon#5184 Download : https://s4.dosya.tc/server11/eu85hw/Pubg_esyalari.rar.html
  8. A

    [HELP] All Furni's Teleport to one tile

    Hey! I have a very strange problem with my hotel. I tested my retrohotel on localhost on my own PC and everything worked fine in the client. But after throwing it & configuring it in my VPS I ran into a problem. The client works and everything inside the client works fine, except that all the...
  9. G

    Rick And Morty Furnis

    Hey iknow most wont like this but im still releasing it because im adding it to my hotel anyway hope you like it Images: IF YOU LIKE THEM OR WILL USE THEM PLEASE TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS
  10. SlayerFRA

    PlusEMU Furni Latency

    Hi, I have latency between 2 furni when I want to put them on the floor, I know that this is know a ping problem because I have tried with different emulators, but I can't change emulator now, someone have an idea of where I can fix this problem?? ://
  11. A

    How can i add a new room pack to my retro hotel

    Hi guys Firstly for sorry to my bad English. I want to learn something that, how can i add new room pack to shop? Pls someone help me
  12. melihsavage

    Unicorns - Furni Pack

    screenshot: download : https://mega.nz/#!WbAxzahZ!sBFgcXcrIDqRe3JLGTIH_jWq44fxdCTz98eIcLY6ys4
  13. Sparwarifr

    [Release] Exclusive RARE EGGS

    I keep sharing my ressources. I told you, I'll do so. __________ __ _ _ It's-a me again ! Every time I looked at Habbo's purple egg I felt embarrassed about it because it aged very bad, and I felt like I had to redraw it from scratch. That's what I did more than a year ago. I reopened my eggs...
  14. Sparwarifr

    [Release] NEW Trophy Plates

    'cause I left the Habbo community a couple of months ago already, I'd like to share from time to time some of my resources to make the retros evolve into something visually better. It may be a little late with Flash coming to an end soon but I think it's still worth it, I have sooo many things...
  15. xBlack

    50k , 25k , 100k , 1m Credits Furni

    I've compiled the credit mobiles that everyone is looking for but can't find it! İmages 50k; İmages 25k; İmages 100k ; İmages 1m; click here to download!
  16. Sparwarifr

    RELEASE - Coffee/Polarity - Exclusive BACKGROUND & FURNI

    Salut Internet ! This project took me so many hours/days that I hesitated to share it publicly because I was afraid no one would credit me when using it... but hey we're on Habbo, that's the game, and at the end of the day I don't really care. This work is based on an old Habbo public room...
  17. PlatinaPeter


    I am bizzy whit get a complete catalogue but i dont can't find this furni can anyone help me? :D * Chess set 2018 * Helloween 2017 Furni * Virus 2017 Furni * Iced & Pura 2016 * Valentine's 2016
  18. game4ager

    R63B retro keeps disconnecting me. PlusEMU.

    So I added some new furni... and after i added that it keeps disconnecting me when i try to play. There was a error with the registered furni. for some reason it couldnt identify the furni i added. i have tried to fix it, but due to not being able to connect... I can't reload the items or the...
  19. Lennon

    How can I give a badge with furni in r63b PlusEmu?

    Hello, I have an issue, so I want to give a badge with the furni you buy. The badge is shown next to the furni, but once you buy it you dont receive the badge On the picture you definetely can see the badge appear but when you buy that thing it wont give you the badge
  20. A

    [REL] Exotic Birds

    Hey all... Just thought i'd drop these. Habbo uploaded the code a few days ago and they haven't even been released on there! (p.s. This is a catalogue teaser I photo-shopped - ur more than welcome 2 use) Anyways, those are the 6 furnis and here's a download link: Comes with SWFS, SQLs...