1. Assholic

    Banners & Logo

    Hi there! I've been busy and stopped doing gfx since 2015. Now I'm back again and warmed up by doing these. Any thoughts? I'd appreciate any comments from you guys :) Newest: banners discord icon discord banner logos article/ room ad headers Past designs (2015):
  2. h3roix

    [Tutorial] FindRetros Api for Noobs

    Since I added FindRetros Api to our Client, some players had an issue with the redirecting loops. Like: "I already voted, but it's redirecting me again to vote page" Somewhere In Devbest, someone already posted the codes for the redirecting vote page but was not 100% correct because of the ip...
  3. G

    setup findretros on cosmic cms HELP

    Hey i need help to setup findretros on cosmic cms can someone send me a config and where to place it thx
  4. G

    FindRetros Voting Not Workin

    Hey there ive done everything right and idk why it doeset work heres the code
  5. Jerry

    [Laravel] FindRetros Voting Validator

    Hi, A few people have asked me to set this up for them since they were having issues implementing the voting validator to their Laravel application, so I'm going to release it here. I did not code it myself, all I did was make a new class and copy and pasted the code from...
  6. Assholic

    Service FindRetros Animated Banners

    been inactive for awhile but im back for good. send me details on skype (assholic69) or kik (assh0lic) if you want me to finish up ur request asap. samples:
  7. I

    How to: Adding FindRetros voting to your hotel

    I realize there are a ton of tutorials on this but for some reason people still seem to struggle and make threads about it so today I will show you how to guarentee get the voting system setup on your hotel. What you will need: - FindRetros account to setup an ad page - Banner - Common sense...
  8. ConnorMckail

    Request Karma Hotel needs a banner!

    Hi Guys!, Karma hotel is a new and exciting retro that has recently opened. As we are climbing the findretros pages extremely fast due to our high user activity we need a new banner so we can look more professional compared to the hotels we are sitting with. if you could help us out please let...
  9. ConnorMckail

    [HELP] I need a FindRetros Banner?

    Hi, recently opened my hotel Karma, we are heading up the pages in FindRetros pretty quick due to high user activity, is there anyone out there that could help me out as i want to remain as professional as possible and my banner atm is not that professional. Thanks! Hotel name karmahotel
  10. Rain

    Flash ❋ Peace ❋ Unlimited Coins ❋ Friendly Staff ❋ 0 Lag ❋ Dedicated Hosting

    Intro Peace hotel is a well-oiled Habbo retro. We provide multiple languages, a custom website, stable hosting, and 99% up time. Our community is friendly and will be happy to introduce you to the members around the hotel. We have weekly and daily events, meaning you should be well entertained...
  11. Les

    Findretros username forgot

    hey i forgot my login username for my account, is anyone able to help me out? my link is this if it helps?
  12. AZHotel

    Request Banner Needed Rig Hotel/RIGRP

    Hey I need a findretros banner made for my hotel and rp (rp under closed beta) I want the style to be modern day habbo and really creative. Here is details about the hotel: -R63(A) -Updated -Pro -Dedicated -Hiring -Protected -Custioms...
  13. adz

    Request Can Somebody please make me a banner

    I'm really not good at Gfx editing Hotel Name : Boost Theme : space with a rocket text : R63 + DDOS PROTECTION + FRIENDLY COMMUNITY + HIRING - JOIN FREE Thanks in advance :)