1. Sonay

    [Layout] Habbo Design [Modern Flat]

    Hey DevBest, after a long time I release again a Habbo design which I did about two month ago. Index: Register 1: Register 2: Register 3: Me...
  2. Markshall

    Materialised Form Components

    Been very bored at work since I finished my previous project so knocked up a few form components based on the Google Material design language. I know there are plenty of these about but I’ve never styled checkboxes/radio buttons.. so fancied giving it a go. Use as you wish...
  3. A

    Recruiting Designer for social media - habbo

    Hi guys! Habbo.MN is currently looking for a designer for our social media sites (mainly instagram). For this we need images and designs! Conditions: - PhotoShop knowledge (or a similar program) - time and to feel like it - creativity - teamwork About us: We are a German/English team and we...
  4. Airz

    [REQUEST] New Gaming Forum Logo

    Hello, I am in the process of creating a new forum for gamers. The forum name is only gamers I was wondering if someone was able to make me a sleek, modern looking logo saying 'only gamers' with the only being a silver'y white and the gamers being green could I also have one designed in...
  5. Maaaarcel

    Custom Design

    The Login Page Loading Page Me Page ( I know, it could be better )
  6. Sovngarde

    HabboCMS Design

    Hello DevBest, I post now my old Habbo Content Template. The Template is Coding in CSS/HTML and JS (only Design) Copyright is going to Sovngarde Screens: Download:
  7. L

    Recruiting Looking for 2 Developers for a Habbo R63B Retro

    Hi DevBest Users, I am looking for two Developers for my Habbo R63B Retro. That has many years experience in this area, can work with another developer together. Requirements I would like now or in the future with the development of the hotel; Code a Custom CMS for hotel - [In near future]...
  8. Met0do

    Sulake's ASE v1.0 (build 231) [LEAKED, HOAX]

    The [LEAKED HOAX] title was just to take your attention, this layout was coded by me ;) :up: I had a little time, so I decided to create a layout for the admin panel today. I hope you enjoy. Feel free to edit and add in your project, give me a like if you like it Download Via Mediafire...