1. T

    The Republic Wipe 9/1|50k|Sbag|Heli|KeyCard|AirDrop|Toxic|Koth [IP:]

    The Republic US1 |NEW 2/10|50k|PVP|C4|AirDrops|Drugs|ATMs|Cars A brand new custom DayZ PC Server built for the players to have fun once again! IP: In DayZ's 'The Republic', you will find yourself in Chernarus surrounded by a PVP environment with an immersive PVE experience...
  2. Lithuanian


    BRAND NEW SERVER, COME AND JOIN TO SEE. It has alot of loot, guins, cars, heli, carepackage, basebuilding, stable, 1PP,3PP, PVP, PVE, traders. Active admins and customs spawns. right now it has low pop due to is it brand new server. Server have pvp and pve style gameplay, you not only need to...
  3. K

    *NEW* Paradise DayZ| 1PP |Vanilla+| Trader| Winter

    Check out Paradise DayZ! The pop is lower right now because it was just made but it's amazing. It's a semi hardcore/vanilla+ server that is unlike these other servers that are all about your K/D Ratio and having the biggest base. In Paradise DayZ you'll have to fight the natural elements of the...
  4. A

    New Server DARK OUTPOST DayZ (PCVersion)

    New Server [GER|ENG] DARK OUTPOST#1 |ZombieCave|KOTH|Airdrop|FixRaidTimes Hello dear DayZ community. I would like to draw your attention to our new server...
  5. omergfx28

    ◈[EU] WalkerZ|NoTrader|Winter|+Loot|+Clothing|+Weapons|+Raid

    ◈Theme: We all know that players play on servers with a lot of mods. but we used as few mods as we could on this server. in this way, we are a very good server for people who are just learning the game. First of all, we think that the trader is breaking the game too much, so there are no...
  6. TescoValue

    Next Generation Survival DayZ

    Next Generation Survival DayZ Welcome to modded DayZ! Whether you want amazing gun customisation, to run a drug empire or just a straight PvP, Next Generation Survival is your way forward! With a few changes to the map, our server feels a lot more apocalyptic. Towns have been overrun...
  7. ThePyzu

    [New] Downfall (No traders, Expansion) EU, 1PP, PC

    Server name: [New] Downfall (No traders, Expansion) IP: Features Expansion base building and group system No safe zones and traders Custom Content | Weapons, Gear, Items, Food Discord for more information: https://discord.gg/NxvyGPtNwF Settings they use - First person...
  8. omergfx28

    FreshWipe 3PP|ApocalypseZ|5xLoot|Heli|Trader|Party|Drugs|

  9. A

    Dawn of the Z | Prisoners of Chernarus!

    Dawn of the Z Prisoners of Chernarus. Are you looking for a semi roleplay, hardcore survival server? Then here is the place for you! With a totally brand new modded server filled with custom & exclusive mods to our very own server, your survival journey is limitless! Stop missing out on the...