1. Hangout - Over 1 Year Running / Group Chat / DDOS Protected / NITRO HTML5 BETA / LEVELING SYSTEM PLUGIN

    Hangout is a International retro, Experience fun action commands with your friends,In-Game Group Chat! (New!) movie night in-client using youtube link ,free and updated clothings, and an active & friendly community! Just some brief history about the name Back in 2010, I opened a hotel under the...
  2. Moodlight

    [BUG] Credits, Duckets and Diamonds not update in database

    Hello guys, I have a problem. When an user relog in hotel, his credits, duckets and diamonds back to previous value (Before spending or earning) as if they had done nothing... Basically, credits, duckets and diamonds spended or earned not update in database. I checked in my emulator (Based in...
  3. xBlack

    50k , 25k , 100k , 1m Credits Furni

    I've compiled the credit mobiles that everyone is looking for but can't find it! İmages 50k; İmages 25k; İmages 100k ; İmages 1m; click here to download!
  4. G

    Flash Habsay.COM ★ Unlimited Credits ★ RevCMS ★ PlusEMU ★DDoS Protected

    Hello, Devbest! About us Habsay is a MMORPG designed specifically for all players/audiences. At habsay, you receive 15 diamonds upon registration, and 1 diamond per 15 minutes. Habsay's entire economy runs on diamonds, and can be hard to manage at times. Due to giving unlimited credits, there's...
  5. dominic

    ★ Fuse ★ New UI ★ r63B ★ Custom CMS ★ Now Hiring! ★

    ★ Fuse ★ New UI ★ r63B ★ Custom CMS ★ Now Hiring! ★ ★ Prepare to experience the most unique hotel experience on the web! ★ Are you tired of the same old boring hotel layouts, client layouts, exact copies of Habbo's UI, and the lack of professional staff on retros? Well, so are we, and that's...
  6. Rain

    Flash Habwire.COM ★ Staff Cata ★ No Lag ★ DDoS Protected ★ We're back!

    Habwire.COM Habwire is a new R63 hotel, running on a minor edit of GTE. I did decompile skywave, and have got it running but it's too buggy to use at present, due to the decompiled source. After being online for 2 hours, habwire was hitting 20+ online! Economy Our economy is entirely Shells...