1. Z

    PlusEMU - Catalog garment preview help

    Hello everyone, I have a little problem. When I add clothes to my catalog. When I click on the item in the catalog my character appears correctly, but the item of clothing selected from the catalog does not appear on my character in the preview window How can I solve this problem? THANKS !
  2. giu888

    Catalog & Furni Translator [Nitro] [Arcturus]

    Taking the download down temporarily while I'm working on a fix since some furni can break (wallpapers, pet) when using this. Once everything works fine I will update this again. I used Nitro v2 and Arcturus database for this so it might not work for everyone or you might have to change some...
  3. tobi3591

    Event points in catalog not working

    Hello there. I have some issues with event points in catalog, i'm trying to make some event rewards, but the event points isn't working in the catalog. I have tryed searching on here, and i have tryed the seasonalcurrencyindicator.enabled=true and didn't work Any help? :)
  4. tobi3591

    Ruby and gold horse statue not found in catalog_items

    Hello the title says it all. I'm currently fixing up some of the LTD rares in the catalog, and i found the Ruby Horse in the Asia for 1 credit, can't find it anywhere in the catalog_items. Who knows the ID of the furni? Thanks anyways
  5. A

    limited Rares error

    Hi i have a problem.. I have some Rares in catalogue if i use them normal everything is fine.. But if i set them limited there is a problem.. The rare changes itself.. Normal: Limited: Arcturus Emulator Please i need help!
  6. Ellu

    [Help] How to add an catalog page under another catalog page?

    Hey! I would love to get my seasonal catalog pages sorted in my catalog, since its so messy otherwise. I am trying to add an catalog page under another catalog page. When i add an page under another page, it won't appear at all. Does anyone know a solution for this? Any help is...
  7. Ellu

    How to edit catalogs page_layout?

    Hello! I'm wondering how can i edit an page layout. I would love to change the image, the header & description. Any help is very appreciated!
  8. treebeard

    [PlusEMU] Trouble Adding New Exchange Furni

    Hello everyone! I was trying to add some custom goldbars to my hotel and for whatever reason when they are added into the hotel (catalog, furnidata, and the swf into hof_furni) they don't show up at all. Here are the query's and the furnidata that I'm adding:
  9. Jemay

    How to add catalog page under catalog page?

    Hey, i was wondering that how to add catalog page under another catalog page where is all the item pages? Here is an example: I did add an page id after page id but it didn't work. Thank you for helping :)
  10. Sam_Otten

    Arcturus and BrainCMS setting up external_variables.txt

    I need help setting up my external_variables. This is what my external_variables.txt looks like. (I have changed my webaddress to HOTELNAME). This is what my SWF folder looks like: I can get into the client but I can't buy HC and the icons for furni are missing. Most of the furni works though.
  11. J

    HELP Catalog only lets you purchase one item

    So, I'm running an edit of Rev-Cms, with Silverwave emu on my website and everything was working fine until I tried to purchase an item from the catalog. You can only buy one item at a time, and if you buy two items the last item you bought will be replaced by the newest item so your inventory...
  12. Core

    New Catalog Issue

    I have made a tool which rips habbo's catalog exactly (catalog ids, strings, captions, order, etc). But after inserting the data into the database I have experienced several issues. I am aware that pages which are not enabled are given the id of -1. So ignore the public_id in the table screen...
  13. Bezza

    Issue with Furniture in Catalog [PlusEMU]

    Hi, I've got a problem with the furniture in my Catalog. Yesterday evening the pages were loading fine and the furniture was showing up, super quick. However today, I went on and tried to load a catalog page and all it showed was white boxes. If anyone can help please add my Skype. Sam.Bezza