1. Assholic

    Banners & Logo

    Hi there! I've been busy and stopped doing gfx since 2015. Now I'm back again and warmed up by doing these. Any thoughts? I'd appreciate any comments from you guys :) Newest: banners discord icon discord banner logos article/ room ad headers Past designs (2015):
  2. NathanCarn3y

    Request Banner

    Hello Devbest! Can I have a banner made with JR Hotel on it. The template can be any of your choosing. Also have this. Brand New//Hiring//Friendly Staff//Custom Clothing//Custom Commands//Latest Furniture//100% Uptime
  3. DjKillerBeeDj

    Request Habbo Retro Logo and Banner.

    Hey guys! I made a retro called RAW Hotel. I wanted to check if someone could help me out with a really nice LOGO and a banner.
  4. xXAspireXx

    Service Habbo Retro Banner

    Just Pm me if you need Basic Banner Thanks !
  5. CamNagle

    Request FatalRP Banner & Logo

    I will pay someone 1 dollar PayPal if they can make me a Banner and Logo for my upcoming RP. RP Name: FatalRP I would like the bottom of the banner to be something like this. I would like it to be transparent Also, I would like it to say the following: New - Roleplay - Need Builders - Need...
  6. ConnorMckail

    Request Karma Hotel needs a banner!

    Hi Guys!, Karma hotel is a new and exciting retro that has recently opened. As we are climbing the findretros pages extremely fast due to our high user activity we need a new banner so we can look more professional compared to the hotels we are sitting with. if you could help us out please let...
  7. ConnorMckail

    [HELP] I need a FindRetros Banner?

    Hi, recently opened my hotel Karma, we are heading up the pages in FindRetros pretty quick due to high user activity, is there anyone out there that could help me out as i want to remain as professional as possible and my banner atm is not that professional. Thanks! Hotel name karmahotel
  8. Berk

    Request Youtube Banner

    Hello guys.I need a Youtube header/banner.Hotel name is Peace Turkiye (Peace's Turkish server, I own there) So I want the colors between blue and navy blue. Logo link: Maybe Rain's and My avatars can be there. Our avatars: Rain: gonna add soon if someone will do My...
  9. Assholic

    Service Animated Banner

    send me details if you want one samples: note: if you want me to finish up your request immediately, do add me on skype (assholic69) bc i rarely log on devbest
  10. Floppybirds


    I created my first proper PHP banner today and i wondered what you guys think?
  11. AZHotel

    Request Banner Needed Rig Hotel/RIGRP

    Hey I need a findretros banner made for my hotel and rp (rp under closed beta) I want the style to be modern day habbo and really creative. Here is details about the hotel: -R63(A) -Updated -Pro -Dedicated -Hiring -Protected -Custioms...