1. bapeshark

    Trying to learn register.php with an avatar png with male / female

    Hi there programmers, I am trying to find a code ( I'm learning for my college but as newbie I can't find it anywhere else) sorry for english. I am in need to find register.php with full code and how to get a male / female gender with an avatar by using PNG url in register, I need to click...
  2. RobinLA

    Nitro Imager Problem

    Hey DevBest, i've got a problem with the nitro imager. I converted my files with "Nitro Converter" and started the nitro imager without any problems. I did a reverse proxy (without subdomain) like in this tutorial of @Object explained: DevBest Thread But now i got a problem. I changed the...
  3. L

    Tsuka's Habbo Imager (Problem)

    Hey there, I have a problem with the habbo imager which tsuka made.. There are just a few links to set but if i start the process (extract of swf and create the json files, which all did automatically after run the resource_update.php file) it extracts a few swfs but then it stops and crashes...
  4. S

    Habbo Standalone Avatar Generator getting stuck all the time on resource_update.php

    So I'm trying to use this avatar generator for my CMS: http://labs.habox.org/generator-avatar When I try to run the resource_update.php script it works for some time and then it gets stuck in a random process. Each time I run it it gets stuck in a different process: analyzing XML, downloading...
  5. U

    Alternative to Avatar-Retro ?

    Hey there, The Website avatar-retro.com is down. So now my question: Is there another website which i can use that my avatars show the correct clothing even if the clothings are customs ? Because if i do it with habbo.com then my custom clothes aren't showing. Thanks in advance. Best Regards...
  6. AlexMatterson

    Recruiting Anyone Wanna Start a Avatar 3D Imagination Platform site?

    I'm looking to start up a website like roblox.com, I've been thinking about this for a while now, I can pay fully for the servers and keep everything up and running with updates I'd just need the person who's making the site with me to buy the .com domain leave discords below if interested and...
  7. D


    Hello, I've recently been working on a hotel to open up & want to ensure I have almost everything necessary if not more. I'm asking if anyone has or knows of how to create a proper avatar.php that doesn't require cache systems. One that could work properly for avatars on the website? I've only...
  8. Bezza

    Avatar won't show..

    Hi, my Hotel is up and running, everything seems to be working okay. However, the avatar's won't show up. They just show grey as if they are loading. It does this for everyone and not just me. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Synt4x

    [jQuery] Habbo Avatar Generator

    Avatar Generate: Download: https://github.com/synt4xy/avatargenerate Live demo: Click here. This script is almost an exact replica of the version inside of an r63b Habbo client. The script also has numerous capabilities designed into it, which Xenon's did not. Some of those features include: A...
  10. Vickyx3

    [HELP] Clothing, Furni, Furni Catalog, Avatar & Badges doesn't load [HELP]

    Hi, i hope someone can help me. :( I do not understand where the problem is. I have checked all the links and files &' the client. php, everything is right ... I have other SWF tries, it doesen't work, after that I replaced the client. php &' then went nothing more, so I made the old back. I did...