arcturus emulator

  1. joaowars776

    Pack Arcturus & AtomCMS (Nitro 2.1.1, Arcturus 3.5.1 & Custom Clothes) Easy and Free

    Do you want the files already converted, with the latest update, without having to do almost anything? Follow my new video with a new teaching style (colors representing something, to make it easier for those who have difficulty) What's in the Pack: (All Updated 9/29/2022) AtomCMS Nitro 2.1.1...
  2. J

    SWF Error 403 (Clothing Error)

    Clothing not loading because i get error 403 on gordon folder. Before this error, clothing worked without problems. Sorry for my english, im spanish. Any solution?
  3. joaowars776

    Arcturus Pack & Comet Pack (Nitro HTML5 included)

    For those who want to test or use the files, Arcturus is from May and Comet is from July Tutorial link: Arcturus: Comet: direct link: Arcturus...
  4. A

    BrainCMS + Nitro + Arcturus not working on IIS + Sockets

    Hi there, Last week i switched over from flash to nitro and the process was kinda tidious. But i got everything working including the VPS + sockets + cloudflare + proxy's. 1) The problem i find now is that my furniture ain't loading, aswell as my characters in the client. I tried loads of...
  5. TalhaBEfe

    Arcturus room thumbnail

    Hello, I am using arcturus emulator. When I want to add pictures to my public rooms, I normally need to add them from navigator_public, but this is not the case, how can I solve it?
  6. kauanmc

    Hello everyone in the community, does anyone know how to put this wired Cutoms,

    I'm interested I also use Arcturus
  7. ticialmeira

    [HELP] Bots Arcurus Morningstar

    Good afternoon, colleagues. First of all I apologize for my English. I speak Spanish. It turns out that buying a bot (any of the 3 in my catalog) throws the following error: The error on the screen says: There has been an error in your purchase. Try again. Does anyone...
  8. Raffeboi22

    Arcturuz Morningstar Maybe tut?

    Hello, I wonder if somone could teach or make tut on how to set up a arcturuz emulator and all files and so one. How to add plugins and so on! It would be pretty help full!
  9. xBlack

    [Arcturus Emulator] Catalouge Problem

    When i clicked some furni on catalouge it's shows this error. I using a Arcturus Emu. Gif:
  10. T

    [RELEASE] Arcturus 1.16.0 - Open Source!

    Hello yall! Arcturus is now stable release. See the github page below. Latest Version: 1.16.0 Download info: Plugin examples can be found on the forums, will make a seperate repository...