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  1. Zeroh

    📦 Habbox Hotel - HTML5 - FLASH - HIRING - BETA 1.0 - [NEW]

    Website Discord A BOX OF CREATIVITY & FUN 🥳 ABOUT // Here to announce the official BETA1.0 opening for Habbox Hotel after months and months of development, organization, and setting up! We are a brand new retro that offers you both online play using Nitro with ModernUI and also the Flash...
  2. Zeroh

    Recruiting Experienced Retro Manager Needed [Hotel Manager]

    Hello guys, Currently looking for an experienced Hotel Manager for an upcoming retro who has the time and experience in the retro community. I understand people have a personal life and I respect that and do not expect you to be on 10 hours a day. But with this position I do expect you to help...
  3. Zeroh

    Recruiting [Staff] Multiple Positions Available [HABBIX]

    DEVBEST COMMUNITY, I would like to give the opportunity to you users for a chance at a multiple positions for my upcoming hotel, HABBIX! Now considering I have been working on this retro for the last couple of months in every aspect, I have really been trying to organize and possibly make...
  4. Zeroh


    Hello Devbest, ---> Been away from the retro scene for about 5 years and the last couple of weeks I have been setting up for a new retro project! It has come that time where I am looking for some positions and in the future will also be looking for other positions HOWEVER right now I am...
  5. Zeroh

    Recruiting Hiring Habbo Retro Staff

    Hello Devbest Mates, My name is Joshua, most people know me as Iggy on retros or around the retro scene / community! So I have a new project coming out relatively soon for a habbo retro and I am at that stage where I want to start looking into hiring our first set of staff for my upcoming...
  6. Zeroh

    Recruiting Habbo RP Positions Available

    Hello guys, It's been awhile since I've been in the retro scene however I would like to come back and get an RP going for the first time. With that being said, I have alot of team members needed, not really so much development members or positions like that but more RP positions in which I...
  7. Zeroh

    Feedback Iggy's Halloween Graphics

    Whatsup Devbest, Been busy with r/l however still had the chance to create some graphics to share with you guys for halloween! If you have not seen my other threads, let me remind you this is not a service, it is strictly for your feedback! So as always, let me know what your thoughts are :p...
  8. Zeroh

    Feedback Some more Habbo Graphics by Iggy

    Whatsup Devbest, Here to present to you some more habbo graphic's I have recently done as I will be doing more aswell! Would like to mention that this is a feedback based thread. I am not posting this as a service as it seemed some users did not understand the prefix "Feedback" and people kept...
  9. Zeroh

    Feedback Iggy's Habbo Graphic Banner Dump

    Dev Community, Just wanted to present some of strictly just Habbo Retro Banners that I've created, basically looking for feedback, and possibly more theme's to make a banner for such as, Christmas, Summer, etc! Let me know what you think! Thanks guys! Those are about it for...
  10. Zeroh

    Feedback Iggy's Graphic Dump

    Dev Community, So was kind of bored for a couple of hours so I decided to do some graphics! Nothing special or specific but everything is related to the retro I am opening but let me know what your thoughts are! Banners: Other:
  11. Zeroh

    Feedback GIF Banner *EDIT*

    Dev Community, Just would like to get some feedback on this banner for my upcoming retro! Just please realize this is an edit and not from scratch, but let me know your thoughts and opinions! Link: Click Here Sincerely, Iggy :D
  12. Zeroh

    Recruiting Management Positions Available [Stance]

    Dev Community, I would like to give the opportunity to you users for a chance at a Manager position for my upcoming hotel, Stance Hotel! Now considering I have been working on this retro since February 8th, and even sometime before that, I have really been trying to organize and possibly make...
  13. Zeroh

    Introduction [Intro] Iggz :D

    Helloo Devbest, My name is Iggy which is my middle name, and no I am not Iggy Azalea nor not even Female.. lol. But anyways I have been a registered user on here before however was not the most active however I am back and I am looking to participate and communicate with the community a little...