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  1. Chuckster

    Any sites to get an affordable TCP Proxy for Habbo Retro?

    Any sites to get an affordable TCP Proxy for Habbo Retro?
  2. Chuckster

    Old School Habbo.BZ - Old School Habbo V15 - Strict Economy - Casinos - Great community & more!

    Hello DevBest, Today I want to welcome everyone to Habbo.BZ, the best V15 to-date! I've owned and managed 2 old school hotels in the past which you may know of being: HabboDays and Soap Hotel I opened Habbo.BZ in May of this year and we are still thriving, I plan to stay open until Shockwave...
  3. Chuckster

    Latest Habbo Furni SWF Pack

    Anyone got theirs to share? Would be very helpful!
  4. Chuckster

    Old School - V5 2003 Habbo Hotel - Strict Economy - Cameras - Casinos - Wobble Squabble - Habbo Lido

    Sup guys, It's been like 3 years since I've contributed on DevBest but I'm returning to tell you something important. I will never close so it won't be a waste of time. We love old school. The owner of and Lab Hotel invites you to, the ultimate old...
  5. Chuckster

    [REPORT] Wesomeness Hotel [REPORT]

    When you click on their banner it redirects you to voting automatically. Old School Section Sorry move thread to Reports.
  6. Chuckster

    [REPORT] Lazer Hotel [REPORT]

    Hello, I am reporting Lazer Hotel in 'Old School' section because they have cloned my banner and set it as theres, which I call stealing can you some how remove the banner or suspend the account. My banner:
  7. Chuckster

    [Release] V18 DebboSQL - Login System & More - 2007 Layout - User Homes - Change Clothes

    ZabboCMS Edit This CMS includes: User Homes (Manage your home) Change Clothes Login system Register system Manage Account Settings Groups Help Page Housekeeping SSO Login Shop News Client And much more! I have edited a lot of stuff within the CMS and database and I have made it more easier to...
  8. Chuckster

    [Release] Habbo's new Maintenance Page

    Hey, guys today I'm releasing Habbo's brand new maintenance page. Picture: Hope you enjoy. Updated Download - Click Here
  9. Chuckster

    [Release] LATEST RageRP Index [Download]

    Hey guys I'm releasing RageRP's Index Screenshot: Download: Mediafire
  10. Chuckster

    [Release] RevCMS Tardis Index [Download]

    Hello guys, so I guess some people like Tardis' Hotels Index so I thought why not and release it. Download: Tardis Index by Chuckster.rar Screenshot:
  11. Chuckster

    Old School Habbo Days - [2002] - V5 - Cameras

    WE'RE NOW OPENED! 10+ users online! Video: Features: -Cameras -Classic UI -Great CMS -Stable Server -Lido -Wobble Squabble Screenshots: For more information: Facebook
  12. Chuckster

    How To Make a Habbo Hotel V1 [2001]

    How to make a Habbo Hotel 2001 Download links: Habbo V1 Setup by Chuckster.rar Visual Basic Step 1) Once you have downloaded my pack you are going to open up the file and drag the 'DCRs' to your htdocs file located at XAMPP. Step 2) Open up the DCRs folder and open loader.html with Notepad++...
  13. Chuckster

    [Release] Executive Furni v14/v18 Download

    Hello, Devbest I am releasing Executive furni for v14/v18. Download: Executive furni by Chuckster.rar Picture:
  14. Chuckster

    [Fix/Release] Old School v14/v18 - Habbo Retro

    Hey Devbest, Chuckster here with a great fix/release. I am releasing the v5/v14 habbo.dcr. It looks better than the v18 habbo.dcr because the Sulake logo is kind of removed. Here's an image: and also a teleport fix, so with this cct you can now teleport without any bugs! Image: Download: Fixes...
  15. Chuckster

    [DOWNLOAD] Mobiles Disco Pack [2015]

    Hello, DevBest. I am releasing a Mobiles Disco Pack, This download includes the server, DCRs and the template. Download: MobilesDisco.rar Index: Problem: Help: Loader: Credits: Chuckster - 100%
  16. Chuckster

    [CrossRP] V18 Roleplay [Hiring]

    DELETE THIS THREAD (CrossRP has now closed) Hey guys, my name's Chuck and i'm the co-founder of CrossRP. Sam's the main owner. So, me and Sam are hiring coders for our Roleplay V18, we have mostly the main bits done but we need to finish the whole hotel off. We need a very good experienced coder...
  17. Chuckster


    I thought to release a download link to a working dcr v26 pack. Well. Here it is: Thanks :cool::) Are you having issues with the Client or Shockwave? If so please read on.. When going onto the client, you usually automatically disconnect...