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    VPS Portforwarding?

    Hello im about to buy a VPS for my Habbo retro I want to know can anyone help me port forward on my VPS for my Habbo Retro? Or tell me how step by step please? Thanks for your time!
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    How to make a lobby room for my R63 Hotel?

    Hello im running a R63 hotel and it is not for public and not for friends just for myself to mess around with And i intend to work on it for a while before i let friends play on it with me I need to know how to make a room that you go to as lobby room as the client loads... I have no clue as im...
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    Habbo v18 Rp Server?

    Hello can someone recommend me a v18 oldschool Rp Server i can use for my hotel?
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    Kepler SETUP Help please?

    Okay i found the correct Xampp to use for Kepler but i get this error why? Someone please help me tell me how to fix this! Thanks for your time :)
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    Is it actually possible? "v18 widescreen client"

    Hello im wanting to know is it possible to actually have a v18 dcr pack where the client is larger "wide screen" as it usually is for a v26 hotel? I mean would that even be possible and if so how would i go about Making a v18 dcr pack widescreen similar to a v26 dcr pack client? Thanks for...
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    Hello how would i make a Oldschool Habbo Client.EXE instead of hosting it on a html page? I love the idea of having a actual .exe client for my OldSchool Habbo retro... Is it possible for anyone to help? I found something but i cant get it working.. It looks like this: Anyone can help me?
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    How to turn my Nitro Hotelview to a room?

    Hello im using the newest Nitro anyway im wanting to know how to change so when you login you go to a room instead of going to HotelView. Please help :) Thanks for your time!
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    New Nitro Hotel Looking For Staff Team!

    Hello i made a new Habbo Retro using the Newest Up-To-Date Nitro! Im looking for a Co-Admin Im also looking for a General Manager And atleast 3 moderator positions And Finally a CMS Customizer! Also My Hotel uses Hamachi so you would need Hamachi installed! If anyone is interested then add me...
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    How to Translate an entire Db to english for my Hotel?

    So i finally got my Hotel up and Running perfectly only everything is in German and I cant translate any of it... I dont know how... Anyway here is some screen shots of my CMS and Hotel/Client working: Everything in the Database is German so basically my CMS is fine but the actual Client...
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    Whats better then Xammp?

    Hello im hosting a hotel and i need something better then Xammp... Something which has Apache and MySQL.. i tried wampserver with no luck and i also dont know what to use now.. Xammp is no good for hosting for hotel for a few reasons.. Any recommendations please?
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    How to get Habbos web build for my client?

    Hello im making a Phoenix hotel and i have everything setup' i just need to get Habbos web build for my client.php and i dont know how please help. Thanks for your time! <
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    How do i change Habbo.swf theme?

    Hello this is my Habbo.swf client i want to change it so their is no snow.. I dont know how can anyone tell me please im such a nub i bet its easy but i just dont know how lol so any help please thanks so much for your time!
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    Anyone have R63 working files please?

    Hello does anyone have working R63 Hotel files: CMS , EMU , SWFS which i can use to make myself a hotel with? Any help is very appreciated i want to have myself a little hotel for me and close friends to play on for the nostalgia. I have Nitro fully working but i want something like R63 i can...
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    i made a v26 hotel but client is bugged...

    Anyone know why my client looks like this?
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    How do i make myself Admin on Nitro hotel?

    Hello i have setup a Nitro hotel and it is fully working however i do not know how to make a Admin account.... Does anyone know how please tell me?
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    Please help me with a problem my Nitro Client....

    I dont understand why my Nitro client stopped working when i changed everything to my Hamachi IP This is what the client looks like now: NEVERMIND I FIXED MY HOTEL
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    Hello I have Nitro Hotel on Xampp "Cant get it online" Need help please!

    Hello I have Nitro Hotel fully working on Xampp on LocalHost ive tried for the last 2 hours to get it from LocalHost to run on my Hamachi I cant get it working please can someone help me? It looks like this at the moment:
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    Hello i need help with my CMS.... Im using the files from this tutorial and the emulator works and the database works but the CMS looks like this Can anyone help me please? How...
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    Paying for help!

    I will pay for someone to help me setup a Nitro hotel using Xammp for myself to play on localhost Thanks for anyone who can help me!
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    Hello i need a working v26 dcr pack with texts and vars please

    Hello please does anyone have a v26 dcr pack which works and also has the texts and vars? Thanks for any help!