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  1. lepos

    Cross-platform Games

    Anyone playing cross-platform games during this pandemic? Such as: Warzone Fornite Rocket League Apex Legends Paladins Smite Any other ones too. Drop any of your in-game names, let's play :)
  2. lepos

    Request Custom Clothes/Furniture Designers

    Basically I’m in the process of making a game in Unity and it follows a similar art style to Habbo. I can show you what I’ve come up with already on Discord. If you have experience with making custom content for habbo like clothing and furniture then you’re probably what I’m looking for. There...
  3. lepos

    What have you been playing the most this quarantine?

    I've literally lost too many hours to GTA online during this time, either that or Cities Skylines. Getting kind of bored though, what's been keeping you busy?
  4. lepos

    Rocket League?

    Anyone fuck with rocket league? SoBayed Send your RL ID
  5. lepos


    We used to play this wayyy back when, and it was fun for a while so thought I'd try and start it up again? Example: I'd say, "I wish I won the lottery" and another use would reply "Granted, but you lost the ticket." To keep a chain going, once you've corrupted someone elses wish, make a wish...
  6. lepos

    Rev - Section Changes

    The Rev section has merged with the Habbo Hotel section and below are all of the changes - all rules apply as normal and section rules have been changed to support Rev also. The threads from the Rev Root Section and Rev Dev have been compiled into one for easier access...
  7. lepos

    Rev - Releases

    Main thread: As the Rev section was officially released first on DevBest all the sections have been merged to the normal Habbo Hotel sections because it has not been worked on for quite a while, the root and sub-root threads will be posted...
  8. lepos


    Not sure if I should class this as a song or whatever but what do you guys think of what he has to say?
  9. lepos

    Faking your own death

    If you had to go through the process of faking your own death, what would you do and do you think you'd pull it off?
  10. lepos

    Animator vs Animation IV

    I'm sure almost everybody has seen that old video of the animator kind of having an on-screen fight with the animation he created? Well now he's made the fourth installment. You can find the other 3 on his channel.
  11. lepos

    How many snapchats have you sent received?

    I was going to post my old snapchats one but I forgot the login. On the snapchat page where they show you anyone who's sent you a snapchat, hold the logo and it will show the amount sent/received. Mines is 2447/3291.
  12. lepos

    Scouse Jeremy Kyle

  13. lepos

    Who let Donkey out?

  14. lepos

    Asian Comic Thingy Ma-Bob

    Just found this quite amusing. (Scroll)
  15. lepos

    Video [UPDATE] Sets self on fire

    facepalm.jpg I can't even, I just can't. 4 videos. I hope this kid died. Here's the newest video...
  16. lepos

    Happy Birthday

    I like the whole idea and execution of the video. Thoughts?
  17. lepos


    I'm not sure what the moral of this really is but it sounds interesting...
  18. lepos

    Interesting stuff

    Found this website with like chats made by people or sent in by people, from WhatsApp or Kik etc. This one was particularly good though: (5 minute read). Check it out!
  19. lepos

    Girl smoking lmao

    Maybe I just laugh at almost anything and my sense of humour is as big as it gets but this makes me laugh so bad:
  20. lepos

    PC Cool Flappy Birds!

    There's this online Flappy Birds and it shows everybody playing at the same time, it's pretty cool: I'm on Server #3 if anybody wants to join (you need to refresh till you're in my server), my name is ****LEPOS**** if you can find me.