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    reality emu error

    i'm getting this error i thought it meant I needed to install mysql connector but I'm pretty sure I did If I'm supposed to install somethign can you link it to me Thanks so much
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    Silverware emulator error

    I am following this tutorial building my r63b hotel I have done anything and now when I try to start the emulator I get this error. Please help, thank you very much :)
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    Astrorp 2 corp managment help

    hi, so i see there is no superhire command. I also cant find a row in which to change a users rank in astro2 db. But the description on the release post said there was corp managment. So how do I manage corps. I heard that there was a way you could corp manage in game. so yeah thanks
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    astro 2 emulator link please

    hi, sorry but I've been looking for Astro 2 emulator. You know the RP emulator released a few weeks ago. I know there was a thread on here or another forum but I can't find it. Could anyone link me to the thread. thanks!!
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    Astro/Reality help with room alert command

    hi, so I'm learning to code c# amd I am playing around with Astro/Reality. I'd like to make a command so it would send a room alert. I've been looking around in stuff like moderationhandler.cs for help but can't find a way. The :ha code is...
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    Help with astro/reality please?

    IM making a rp on my laptop for fun, everythings working fine but the furni swfs. I've changed it all in external variables but still won't work! If you don't know what i mean...
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    Client on localhost help please!

    So I'm trying to make a hotel on my laptop (Not hamachi or anything) just for myself for educational purposes and maybe for fun with building and stuff. I know quite a lot about making hotels but I often have issues. I've installed all the swfs perfectly but I think it might be something to do...
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    Problem with Localhost IIS

    When i go onto my site it says index.php doesn't exist but it does...
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    Need help with client, willing to pay

    I need some help with my client and swfs it's like a 5 minute job but I need it going asap. Willing to pay a couple of quid. Add me on facebook If you don't have facebook add me on skype alurcott but reply saying you have as i need to open it up
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    what cms are people using ?

    So I'm staring to get into making Retros. Revcms and ubercms have the old index page so what cms are people using with the new habbo index page? Also anyone know any good custom cms' ? Thanks :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    [REQ] Staff badge [REQ]

    Hello, could somebody make me a staff badge which says Solar Staff on it? It would be greatly appreciated thank you
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    Help with client/swfs please?

    hi I'm trying to make my first habbo retro on my laptop (localhost) just for educational purposes and I want to open one on a vps and domain or w/e. Everythings working fine but client is white. I'm using ubercms and phoenix. I don't really know what to show you so you can help. My swfs are [on...
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    Petition to make Party in the USA the US National Anthem

    They need around 99 000 signatures for it to be reviewed by the end of july and they have only had around 400 supporters so far. If you have not heard the song before here it is do you guys think this is crazy or cool. Will you be signing it? if you want to sign the petition here is the link...
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    Best ways to learn html, css etc

    Hi I'm new here and my name is Ryan :D I'm 13 and I'm interested in learning html and css. I'm not sure how to learn though. Should I use w3schools or are text books better? Thanks in advance :) -Ryan