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  1. yoyok

    Accepting payments on your hotel

    After payment you can redirect the user to a a page with instruction how to accept the PayPal 'item received'. Tell them in that instruction they need click the Checkbox as done and will only keep the VIP rank if they have done this steps. After 5 days you can manually remove the VIP from the...
  2. yoyok

    Goodbye, "Flash" Habbo!

    They are working on something great. It look like they are trying to take so much attention on social media etc. for free advertising. # Savehabbo was trending on Twitter in almost every country. It worked well..! Just wait couple of weeks and games like Battleball, Snowstorm will be added.
  3. yoyok

    Future for Retros - What's to come?

    Habbo is going to advertise on Television and social media (Youtube) after the big update from unity is done! They will gain alot players, people like to talk and chat so Habbo is never going to die.
  4. yoyok

    Flash Browser for Habbo (Habflash)

    Looks good! Here are some name ideas. Flashmoon Nomos Probon
  5. yoyok

    What's this caused by?

    Like said above, i guess another problem can be that the custom clothes are protected because you said it load randomly some clothes. Remove the swf clothes protection and it should work.
  6. yoyok

    Help About Habbo UI!

    c_images/navi Or navigator thumbnails
  7. yoyok

    Introduction New Member

    Welcome Kaven! I see you joined since wednesday, it's hard to know for the Staff members how good your expertise is. Do you have any github or snippet for us?
  8. yoyok

    Mod Tools & UI Editor Issue

    Check in your swfs directory - external texts or variables files.
  9. yoyok

    Help About Habbo UI!

    If I'm not wrong its in your database, somewhere in navigator_ you can change it from there.
  10. yoyok

    [REL] SloptCMS - English Translation + Skin [REL]

    The style can be a little bit optimized. As example "Enter Hotel" need a border.. and the credits, pixels on the home page etc are oversized. Really this question in 2020? Don't be lazy and change the codes to make it work with your emulator.
  11. yoyok

    L7 DDoS mitigation megathread

    Alot of the information you have provided will not work. Free never work! Do you really think big companies didn't try this 10 years ago? The paid option will only work. Cloudflare PRO rate limiting will do the work together with Bot-fight mode. Also what you can do is, with the Cloudflare API...
  12. yoyok

    Removing clothing

    Why don't you just outline the specific figuremap & figuredata code... or remove it, if you never going to use it again.
  13. yoyok

    LuxeHotel - new experience [FR/ENG]

    Same shit, be unique, then wondering why you don't even hit 10 users online...
  14. yoyok

    Request Custom Clothes/Furniture Designers

    I'm interested, what is your Discord? Also handy for other people.
  15. yoyok

    [HELP] Inventory doesn't Load!

    Any errors in your emu logs?
  16. yoyok

    Feedback Hannah's badge dump

    Looks perfect! Why don't you start a service to take requests for making badges? I am pretty sure a lot want to have your creation on their hotel. Earn money with what you love to do, is the best thing ever.
  17. yoyok

    FluxRP white client fix?!help - new update the game was fix thanks for the help everyone

    Make sure that your hof_furni also linking. Otherwise open the Chrome console and then enter the client to see which file is not loading.
  18. yoyok

    FluxRP white client fix?!help - new update the game was fix thanks for the help everyone

    Your furnidata.xml path is missing or wrong path location on external_variables!
  19. yoyok

    FluxRP white client fix?!help - new update the game was fix thanks for the help everyone

    That is your problem, in client php set the .swf path to the correct path. Otherwise your client will stay white.
  20. yoyok

    FluxRP white client fix?!help - new update the game was fix thanks for the help everyone

    Does this load? http://localhost/swfs/gordon/PRODUCTION-201510261212-858675875/HabFlux.swf