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  1. LmaoDoeLmao

    Client Credits

    I fixed the Timer in the database for the diamonds and the credits , only the diamonds timer is working the credits one is set to something but I cant find where. anyone knows?
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    users online but some cant access

    Hello I have different users online but some get on the client and get stuck on 76%
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    Flags to Staff page

    Hello people i need help with Adding flags to my staff page and roles Also where can I find these images?
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    Automatic Room

    Hello guys do anyone know how can i make it when a user registers and enters the client it goes to there own small room like just habbo?
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    MySQL Engine - RevCMS: MySQL could not connect to host My MySQL password is right, this happened to me once or twice. Same thing with my EMU its not connecting, But navicat connected to the MYSQL
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    Plus EMU or any

    Does anyone have a good emu or a link out there where i can get a good updated emu with custom commands on it ? I been searching can't find nothing.
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    Adding Commands

    Can anyone please show me how to add commands, help me on teamviewer? $ talks :)
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    MySQL could not connect to host

    Hello i'm getting a error that says "MySQL could not connect to host" , Everything is correct, If it wasn't correct it wouldn't have connected to "NAVICAT"
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    REVCMS Config

    all the details i put in are 100% correct yet when i type in localhost it says MySQL could not connect to host , any ideas?
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    Looking for a Braincms Developer

    Hello Im looking for a known trusted Developer that can code and do amazing stuff on my retro. I'm looking for someone like @JayCustom that is KNOWN in the community and that is TRUSTED. This job is paying Not anyone can do this job, You have to be KNOWN If you are interested please...
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    Hello I need major help please I keep getting this error 1251 client does not support authentication protocol requested by server.