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  1. Sonay

    [Arcturus] Furni adding

    Check if your external_variables has the right path to the hof_furni folder
  2. Sonay

    Habbo is bringing back the Flash client

    Can't find any jokes lmfao
  3. Sonay

    Retro Maxthon is the only browser left with flash support?

    1. Flash was never safe. 2. You mean like before in all the Years? 3. Flash is faster than WebGL / Unity. And I never want to use HTML5 cuz If I'm working hard on new Features, you can easy rip it and for my work its useless then.
  4. Sonay

    Unicorn Emulator + SWFs

    @li4m the download link for the swfs is dead. 👀
  5. Sonay

    Hand Items 2020

    Right. I don't even know why I had "effects" in my head. Lmfao.
  6. Sonay

    [HELP] Groups Badge bug

    Download the "habbo-imaging" Folder from and then go to your .htaccess / web.config and do this
  7. Sonay

    Ducket Currency Problem!

    It can be possible, that you do not use += to add it, only = which has the effect that it is replaced by the number you set. And its better that you post your code here to have a better look at it.
  8. Sonay

    Cameras help

    Right. I have rewritten the sockets 2019 to use DotNetty.
  9. Sonay

    Cameras help

    You can use Habkit with rawcam command to send raw blob as packet to your emulator and creating a png file. If you done it, you can easy use it like I did. namespace Plus.Communication.Packets.Incoming.Rooms.Camera { public class CameraRoomPictureEvent : IPacketEvent { private...
  10. Sonay

    PlusEMU Netty problem

    I think its only a dev branch and not to use as a production.
  11. Sonay

    what cms is this?

    They use their own CMS, which is based on Laravel, if I can still remember.
  12. Sonay

    Discord, Sonay#0001

    Discord, Sonay#0001
  13. Sonay

    Room layout editor [Plus R3]

    Field 'public_items' doesn't have a default value there you have the error reason. You need to open your room_models as Design Table in Navicat and change this column.
  14. Sonay

    Avatar Bug [RevCMS, Plus Emulator]

    You need to change the "decimal symbol" from "," to ".".
  15. Sonay

    [RELEASE] PRODUCTION-201812272209-984739530

    If you change SWF, RSA Keys and the Headers in the Source make sure to debug your Emulator. Your screen says like "id 3267 not found", check double to make sure you changed swf, rsa keys, header and debug the emulator.
  16. Sonay

    [Re-Uploaded] Hebba.US ( CMS, EMU , Database ) Leak [Re-Release]

    I have now looked at everything there is to files and I have seen that the "HabboHotel" folder is missing for the emulator. But still a good release. Thanks for it! :up:
  17. Sonay

    ModernUI - React & TailwindCSS

    Looks dope! You do exactly what everyone should do with a design, stand out from other Habbo designs! I wish you good luck and fun with the project, if I can help you in any way, just write me on Discord.
  18. Sonay

    [Layout] Habbo Design [Modern Flat]

    Lol. Most of them are classes, only important things like header, boxes, footer etc. are IDs.
  19. Sonay

    [Layout] Habbo Design [Modern Flat]

    The index has an index.css, the register used registration.css and all other uses style.css.