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  1. LouisJW

    Windows bug

    Hi guys, I was wondering if any could help. yesterday I decided to reset win10 to factory settings, windows done it’s thing blah blah blah . I got as far as the “select your region” page and couldn’t use my keyboard or mouse at all to select region and continue the OS installation. After a...
  2. LouisJW

    Discord emojis

    I was just wondering if anyone had any advice on how to replace these chat bubbles with Discord emojis So i'd like to add this We have emojis at the moment - but you have to type them into the chat bar e.g 😃 I would prefer that users can select from the list and the emoji they chose...
  3. LouisJW

    Help needed.

    I'm doing this hotel for a friend, the config.php is 100% correct I have looked over it 100 times. I'm being greeted with this Is there anything else it could be? e.g PHP version
  4. LouisJW

    Flash browser (help)

    Hi, I'm helping my friend with their retro and for now they'd like to use the alternative of a Flash built-in browser. Which is best in your opinion?
  5. LouisJW

    Shootout mini-game design (For now)

    Hello Devbest While I have gained a bit of experience using Figma I had an idea to design a "PVP" mini-game, originally inspired by Francis Joseph's previous "HabboWarfare". I am still not 100% with this & if people like the idea I will carry it on based purely on the feedback gained. So...
  6. LouisJW

    LJW - Start of theme for BrainCMS (Constructive criticism needed)

    Hi, I've just started to learn design and have so far got login/register and the start of /me page done. While this is far from finished, i wanted to share it with you to gain some feedback & other opinions. Please note: this is my first time trying to do something like and comitting to it so...
  7. LouisJW

    Future for Retros - What's to come?

    This is something I know has probably been mentioned and discussed multiple times, But I want to know what the rest of you think and expect. Obviously with Flash soon to be discontinued and Habbo itself moving to HTML5 ( Some retros will to ) things of course will change. But what do you expect...
  8. LouisJW

    Fatal error - class.engine.php

    So, usually I wouldn't post stuff like this but it's annoying now and is probably something so simple. When I go to localhost I get this error. Fatal error: Function name must be a string in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\app\class.engine.php on line 48 Line 48 of class.engine.php...
  9. LouisJW

    Habbo UI Editor

    Anybody on here have in-depth experience with habboUI editor? I am trying to remove "game centre" but nothing is happening. Discord - Louis#3032
  10. LouisJW

    Daily login gift system

    I have recently tried to add the "Daily login gift" I followed a previous tutorial and used the codes said to use & the SQL's. Everything works but the users aren't actually receiving the gift. Is there anybody who'd be able to point me in the right direction or tell me what I am doing wrong...
  11. LouisJW

    Client "users online" top-bar.

    Hi, I'm unsure if I have this in the correct place, if not someone can move/delete it, I was wondering if there is anybody who has code or has released an users online top bar for retro client, for a friend. If so and don't mind sharing it can you comment or pm me, thanks.