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  1. LouisJW

    How to get fast room load?

    What Joe said is correct, but bare in mind there are other factors, latency/internet being one. E.G if say for someone has really strong internet/latency their ping is going to be lower & therefore their room load is going to be better than somebody with say bad or slower internet. Maybe the...
  2. LouisJW

    friend on local

    Explain in more detail, why is it not working? Have you configured your config correctly, e.g correct database username/password & hamachi IP address for the hotel URL. Post the problem
  3. LouisJW

    How do I set up MySQL and does it have anything to do with a VPS I bought?

    If your VPS is windows How to install IIS on a windows server How to install MySQL on windows server Following the steps on both of these links will have you half way there but you’ll also need to download Microsoft Web Platform Installer. Within WPI you’ll need to download other...
  4. LouisJW

    Flash Browser for Habbo (Habflash)

    No problem
  5. LouisJW

    What are the biggest Habbo Retros in 2021?

    We screwed now
  6. LouisJW

    Free FlashUI [Developement]

    I like this, and the fact you haven’t tried to switch anything up is even better
  7. LouisJW

    Flash Browser for Habbo (Habflash)

    Simple, this was released before Nitro. Some people prefer Flash, cant or struggled to setup Nitro & this was the alternative.
  8. LouisJW

    What are the biggest Habbo Retros in 2021?

    Peak dead now too, it shutdown yesterday.
  9. LouisJW

    Plus Emulator Help

    Ports open? 1632846999 What errors does it show in the log?
  10. LouisJW

    Windows bug

    I was going into setup yes and setting the USB as the primary boot device, UEFI boot is also enabled. No the USB doesn’t show any light or blinking. about missing a press a button at any stage I don’t even have an option to do that, I did use the Windows Media Creation Tool. The brand of the...
  11. LouisJW

    Plus Emulator Help

    No offence but are you sure you’re within the capability of creating a custom version of this emulator if you cannot deal with errors. Modifying this enough to call it your own “edit” or whatever you plan on doing with it is going to take A LOT of work and a lot more knowledge of C# which you...
  12. LouisJW

    Arcturus Morningstar Bot Problem

    I’m certain this won’t apply to Arcturus but I do remember with PlusEMU there was a HTML “exploit”. (I use the term exploit lightly) where you could edit the size of the bubble/text. Have you tried asking in the Krews Discord? there’s fixes for pretty much everything Arcturus related in that...
  13. LouisJW

    Windows bug

    I can’t even do that. I go to “Advanced startup” > “Troubleshoot” and then when I go to click the option to install from a drive it won’t let me unless I enter a password; there was never a password set. That being said I just leave the box blank and click “next” & it doesn’t work. I’be even...
  14. LouisJW

    Windows bug

    Hi guys, I was wondering if any could help. yesterday I decided to reset win10 to factory settings, windows done it’s thing blah blah blah . I got as far as the “select your region” page and couldn’t use my keyboard or mouse at all to select region and continue the OS installation. After a...
  15. LouisJW

    Recruiting C# Developer

    Originally I meant what kind of work are you looking to be completed, specific things
  16. LouisJW

    Recruiting C# Developer

    You should be more specific, list exactly what it is you are looking for.
  17. LouisJW

    LJW#3032 :up:

    LJW#3032 :up:
  18. LouisJW

    Recruiting Administrators, Trial Moderators & Event Staff

    As Zodiak once said, instructions unclear. dick got stuck in pc fan All jokes aside, this look like it's gonna be good
  19. LouisJW

    I miss all the real, trustworthy Habbo OG's

    I miss all the real, trustworthy Habbo OG's