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  1. Sonay

    Plus Emulator - Turkish letters in Item Names

    Hey guys, I have the problem that if I have turkish letters in the item names and when I open the catalog page with these letters, I get a client disconnect directly I already changed the charset of the database and it works, the catalog name can use turkish letters without problems. Maybe...
  2. Sonay

    [Layout] Habbo Design [Modern Flat]

    Hey DevBest, after a long time I release again a Habbo design which I did about two month ago. Index: Register 1: Register 2: Register 3: Me...
  3. Sonay

    Plus Emulator (Bios Emu) stuck at 76%

    Hey guys, I have the problem that my client stuck at 76%, no emulator errors only " 0 ()" I don't know how to fix this because I never found a ip with "" in variables, swf or someone else. I hope anyone can help me with it. Greetings Sonay<3_<3
  4. Sonay

    PHP GD - blendmode alpha calculation

    I have a problem: if I change my calculation for alpha in imagecolorallocatealpha is it wrong. I can not describe it so well, but I hope anybody can help with it. Image: Image 2: Image 3: You can see, the dragon in image 2 has a bad gray tone and in image 1 is all right so well, so I...
  5. Sonay

    RoomAds from some Hotels

    Hey guys, for weeks I've been bored and I've thought about what I could do for the "beginners" and "pros" to help many when I then had the idea of creating this thread. With this thread I would like to help all to get RoomAds from hotels in order to use them themselves. Playrise Room Ads Rise...