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  1. Logicc

    Recruiting Looking for Room Builders

    Hello! Im looking for people who are willing to help build some PUBLIC ROOMS such as Welcoming Lounge and etc. If you are willing to help please pm me or reply to the thread! My discord is always open aswell. Hotel name : BrainHabbo.
  2. Logicc

    When flash dies, will our hotels die too? (Flash hotels)

    With the new year coming, our legend Flash, will not be supported. What happened to my hotel, or your hotel? Or someones hotel that uses Flash to work? Will it be done for ever? should I stop hosting my Hotel from now? What do I do? Alternatives?
  3. Logicc

    Service Hotel Banners

    Will design and make a custom hotel banner for you. Self explanatory. Add me on discord or pm me here for more information. YourIQIsLow#9085
  4. Logicc

    Flash BrainHabbo ☆ Hiring Staff ☆ 24/7 ☆ NoLagg

    Come Join in on the Fun! Also please vote for us here : Hotel Link: Hey DevBest! Thanks for checking out BrainHotel! Over the past few years in the Habbo Retro community, we have seen an incredible amount of R63B hotels come and go...
  5. Logicc

    Hotel Works Fine, No Textures

    Hey everyone! I basically have a working hotel but I have no textures on it, My character is walking fine, can chat, can sit, but I have no texture on him, aswell as in the shop and on the items I buy. Can some please help me? Here are some screenies ...
  6. Logicc

    Anyone can help SetUp my retro?

    I have a VPS but i can't set my retro up. Can someone help me do it? Really need some help here. Thanks! Add me on skype if anyone intereseted helping. AgnRetros #Cheers
  7. Logicc

    PC Minecraft 1.9 PvP Mechanics?

    Just wanted to ask some people how the Minecraft 1.9 PvP Mechanics work. Have no idea. lol #Cheers
  8. Logicc

    I got a Warning for Spamming / Off Topic?

    Brad, why did i got a warning man? Posting this thread cuz you wouldn't answer in the convo. Sorry if this thread is not allowed. If its not close it please. Don't want another warning. lol #CheersNoWorries Still love Devbest. Always up!
  9. Logicc

    Expose your friends!

    Expose some pictures of your friends, or yourself! Ask them before doing anything. Ain't my problem! #Cheerss
  10. Logicc


    Just a thread to say hi to some people and introduce myself. Im a 17 Year old from Cyprus. I develop, i play and i chat with many people. I have a skype that use for bussines and chats : AgnRetros. Im a DJ. DJTown. I've DeeJayed in most of the Clubs of Cyprus. (Club Deep, Lagoon, Rich etc.) So...
  11. Logicc

    Skype names?

    If anyone wants to add me on skype feel free. AgnRetros I mainly use skype for habbo stuff. But if anyone wanna chat hit me up. #Cheers
  12. Logicc


    Im just posting this threat to hear people's opinion on FLStudio Creating or Cube X creating.
  13. Logicc


    Im just posting this threat to hear people's opinion on FLStudio Creating or Cube X creating.