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    Rev CMS & Plus Emu 2021

    Pretty sure it's compatible already
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    how to delete "INETPUB"

    Easier to stop the service from IIS Management so you won't need to reinstall IIS incase you need to use it again
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    Was Unity even a good choice for Habbo or was it poor execution?

    HMTL5 would be easier to be reverse engineered so they probably wanted something harder to be RE'd but it backfired or yeah just poor execution
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    Expose yourself!

    I'll stan this guy! who's this?
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    How do I update my nitro to 1.0.0?

    Just download the newest nitro release on krews git and compile it. Be careful editing the configs.
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    Sulake sending Habbo Retros DMCA Copyrights

    Nope they realized retros is better than Habbo itself so got tired suing them. TrollFace
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    Oh nyooooo :eek: This message has been unseen.

    Oh nyooooo :eek: This message has been unseen.
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    Win a username subscription

    Received thank you kind sir it looks pretty on me wowsoBLESSEDKKomrade
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    Hmmm I see you HYPERBRUH

    Hmmm I see you HYPERBRUH
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    [WIN SUB] Suggest a new username

    AQEBEQEQAQEBEQARAREAEQ It has 2 = in the end but prolly won't work if included also noice it has RARE in it Wess > Binary > Hex > Base64
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    Stealing furniture

    Nothing you could to stop it, if you think about it aren't you stealing Sulake's resources too?
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    Win a username subscription

    Pink Upgrade please thank you KEKW
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    New RP

    Features is what makes a retro unique using their "features" is the same as copying them
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    Win a username subscription

    Like this reply and receive unlimited percentage of luck! Guaranteed if you didn't receive the luck wait until May 11th before unliking to make sure it works.
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    Habbo RP Escort Command

    Would help potential people if you specify which emulator
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    Websockets Arcturus

    Go to their git and see the arcturus websockets you just download the jar file and put it in the plugins folder
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    Need Help with new Habbo RP Retro

    Cries in compiled exes PepeHands
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    Need Help with new Habbo RP Retro

    How the hell did you get an virus in an open source projects like Plus? FeelsThinkingMan