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  1. Pellucive

    Website Creator

    I assume you are speaking of a Social Network as stated above, what specific functions would you require? Such as the following; the ability to upload statuses and/or profile pictures etc, communicate individiually and/or in groups, allow specific privacy settings such as who can see/comment on...
  2. Pellucive

    habbo staff badge above head enable/effect

    That is absolute nonsense, no paid or licensed software is required. I assume his intentions were to "sell" you the software/licence. However, all you need is JPEX and a bit of knowledge, - this should help you (shortened due to filters, RZ forum)
  3. Pellucive

    android app?

    It most definitely is! Read the Jasonette documentation. It is a JS wrapper, it will wrap your Web App into a Native Mobile App. Alternatively, you can use Androids WebView with an extensive JSON manifest. There's more solutions out there than you think, they are just not utilized.
  4. Pellucive

    Habbo gone?

    A Are you interested in collaborating on said project? If so, it would have to consist of a competent team with thorough theoretical planning. A few of the main areas would be content management, economic planning/management, contingency plans (preparations for any scenario) and general...
  5. Pellucive

    revcms client for nitro?

    You don't need the "LINK/", just a relative file path.