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  1. NHRPG

    Room kick me out without any bug furniture

    Hello there! I was searching for a solution to this problem but I can't find it in any thread of this forum. Maybe someone knows how to solve it. Some people are making rooms with a lot of furnitures, they spent a lot of hours in there and for some reason when they come back the room just...
  2. NHRPG

    Some doubts from a newbie

    Thank you very much! It works!
  3. NHRPG

    Some doubts from a newbie

    Hello, Thanks God I found this forum because it's being very helpful. I bought a hosting server with a Holo Hotel configured and I'm doing some configurations and trying to solve some issues. Maybe anyone can help me with this: How can I know in what kind of emu it's runing my hotel? I use...