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    How to achieve this Div shape?

    Good point, I made it using Adobe XD so that might be an option. I'll give it a go. EDIT: @bigdawg XD allowed me to export it as an SVG and I added it as a background. Cheers for the tip
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    How to achieve this Div shape?

    Is anyone able to pose that question with that picture on stack overflow? I am not allowed to post pictures yet due to my reputation being too low.
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    How to achieve this Div shape?

    Is it possible to make those curves? I've seen people make shapes and clip paths for rigid shapes but haven't found any code for an example with smooth curves like the image above.
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    How to achieve this Div shape?

    Hey, Is there a way to get a div to be shaped like this through clipping or some other way? Cheers
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    Granted, but you fly into a building and break every bone in your body to never fly again on your first flight. I wish I was a genius.
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    Should Devbest advertise more?

    I think DevBest should be advertising or trying to gain users and should try create a welcoming environment.
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    SASS vs LESS vs STYLUS What is best?

    Hello, I am currently looking into css pre processing languages and wondering what one i should get started with? Is there a reason for using each one or is it just preference? For those who don't know what I am talking about:
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    Anyone from NZ Auckland who wants to be my friend

    New Zealand, not Auckland though
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    What underground rap are you listening to?

    UK underground is fiya
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    hi im mayhem

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    PC Thoughts on H1Z1?

    I've only heard bad things about this game but all the gameplay i've seen looks really, really good. I'm a fan of the DayZ mod and I will definitely be playing this when it becomes free.
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    PC What are games with good character customization?

    Guild Wars 2 hands down
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    Do you feel like its Christmas?

    >New Zealand >Summer >not 5 >christmas.exe not found
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    Name your best game of all time!

    Guild Wars 2 DayZ mod Runescape (back in the day)
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    DevBest's 2014 Community Awards (Voting)

    Most Popular: @Sysode Funniest User: N/A Most Inspirational: @Sysode Most Hated: N/A Cockiest User: @eckostylez Most Professional: @Sysode Most Missed: N/A Biggest Nerd: @RastaLulz All-Time Legend: @RastaLulz Biggest Fag: N/A Staff Member of the Year: @Sysode Friendliest: @Sysode...
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    Skype web developer chat

    I don't have an issue with it so I'll stick to skype. Feel free to create your own chat.
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    Skype web developer chat

    I have already have over 10 people who I know and like. I don't need an IRC full of people who I don't know and don't care about. I didn't ask for opinions on skype group chat and neither am I forcing you to join it. Please don't respond trough a reply since this is going off-topic, PM me if...
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    Skype web developer chat

    Great, you can go on IRC.
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    Skype web developer chat

    Annoying cunts will be removed promptly, don't worry haha