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  1. Kalee

    What are the biggest Habbo Retros in 2021? Hits about 2.5k or 3,000+ a day with Nitro isn't English though but foreign. People in foreign hotels enjoy the game and love events. People in English hotels love drama and bullying users, and just being overall toxic to the community. So I believe that's one of the...
  2. Kalee

    Habbobba Hotel

    I think Habboon deserves some credits on this advertisement thread since it's 100% the same CMS as boon. Wish it was more custom, even the same exact logo style of boon, I just don't get it, the amount of time you could take spending to make something of your own that would stand out. But you'd...
  3. Kalee

    📦 Habbox Hotel - HTML5 - FLASH - HIRING - BETA 1.0 - [NEW]

    Correct. It's a lot of the same code still from HabboCity, if you view the source on the page, you'll notice a lot of the text that is for the CSS, and other things are still in a foreign language as well. Just saying if you've guys recoded the whole thing like you've said, I'm unsure why...
  4. Kalee

    Retro Discord bot

    Would this be for ARC MorningStar EMU or Plus?
  5. Kalee

    ZucaCMS ~ RevCMS Edit ~ Feedback

    K Kinda reminds me of twist cms, just layout changed and css played with and icons added xD
  6. Kalee

    I love you

    I love you
  7. Kalee

    ZucaCMS ~ RevCMS Edit ~ Feedback

    I wouldn't go as far as calling this a Heavy RevCMS edit, it looks pretty basic to me, like Dec said, just work that has been put together from all around other retro edits. Good luck on your project nonetheless.
  8. Kalee

    Seems legit, Woahhhh impressive!

    Seems legit, Woahhhh impressive!
  9. Kalee

    What’s your discord bro?

    What’s your discord bro?
  10. Kalee

    Developer Problems

    See again you did it.... everything you say just makes me laugh... Because you said you didn't know they were released? What's this then? Clearly, you knew they were released. You only offered him to cut the final price after you scammed him and he found out they were released. Which is why you...
  11. Kalee

    Developer Problems

    At the start of this, you said Kane knew? but then you twist your own words up and post a screenshot snaking yourself, and clearly kanes the last message to you he was upset about you saying they were unreleased and telling him BS until he confronted you. But if he never did confront you...
  12. Kalee

    Developer Problems

    That's clearly false when you can see in the screenshots of Kane saying you told him they were released. P.S I'm not avoiding any points you're trying to make, I am just going with the proof, and kanes actual word that you scammed him. The horse's mouth, and not from the person, who scammed...
  13. Kalee

    Developer Problems

    Did you scam him and tell him the room backgrounds weren't released? when they were yes or no? and if not why did he make a payment to you of £75, and you got butthurt when you paid Justin to make you a hotel, and he returned the favor you did to his mate and paid his mate back with the money he...
  14. Kalee

    Developer Problems

    Laporte aka astro aka james, on the behalf of Justin he's asked me to post these. I find it funny honestly, like Wess said you have to be stupid. Also with you scamming his mate with the proof of you doing so, and Justin looking out for his friend, and all Justin did was accept to make you a...
  15. Kalee

    Developer Problems

    Vice versa, in that situation for both sides of people, it’s not right on either. But to do the same to someone else and try to make a post about it is hypocritical. When you’re not a victim when the tables were turned, to make you feel how you made someone else feel. Sounds like karma to me...
  16. Kalee

    Developer Problems

    You scammed his homie and he did it back to you. An eye for an eye karma was served 😂😂
  17. Kalee

    Help finding RevCMS Theme

    You seem to know already from past experience @calensi, and also yeah the theme isn't released. You'd either need to rip it yourself, which you'd still not have the fully functional version like they have. But it's better than nothing, and I can tell you for sure none of Zabbo's stuff they use...
  18. Kalee

    AsteroidApp - Flash Browser Source for Habbo (MacOS/Windows 7/8/10 x32/x64)

    I've tested the application, the only thing I'd say is that bugs me... is that you can't open any sub-domains within the app, Or open new windows, for example clicking daily reward, doesn't allow the pop-up window to open.
  19. Kalee

    [Release] Morningstar Compatible CMS Full Retro Pack [Fully Updated]

    Hello Devbest, Today I am releasing a RevCMS that was converted to work with morningstar emu. Also, there are some unreleased morningstar plugins within this release as well... Not going into detail but will post screenshots. I was given this release by a close friend since he said the...
  20. Kalee


    Try using PHP 5.6