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  1. tobi3591

    Cosmic CMS News image not working

    Hello I have some issues with the image not showing on my cms I use the upload image on housekeeping, there is no imagine url on the database?? Why is this not showing and how to fix this?
  2. tobi3591

    Installing a new UI for nitro?

    Hello I have some issues with installing a new ui for my retro hotel. I have the old nitro ui, and i wish to install the flash ui i found from *****. Does someone want to help me out with this? :)
  3. tobi3591

    Help me with custom clothing

    Hello. Just getting back to retro stuff and the html nitro is quite confusing for me I'm going to add some custom clothing, although i know how to put the swf in. But i got told to convert to .nitro and .json I don't want to mess anything up, so if anyone who has the chance to help me would...
  4. tobi3591

    Looking for Nitro Setup

    Hello. I'm looking for a Nitro retro setup Discord Tobias#1911
  5. tobi3591

    Looking for Nitro setup (paid)

    Hello. Looking for payed Nitro retro hotel setup
  6. tobi3591

    I need setup for Nitro Retro Hotel

    Hello. I'm looking for someone who can setup a Habbo HTML5 retro for testing purpose. Since it's updated to HTML and Nitro is intruduced, i need someone who can set this up for me. Thanks
  7. tobi3591

    Inventory problem on HTML5

    Hello everyone. So recently i build a Habbo retro, using archturus emulator, but i have some issues with Inventory. Everytime i go to fx "badges" it does not work, and does not go to the badges, same as pets etc. Does anyone know how to fix this? :) Add me on Discord Tobias#1911
  8. tobi3591

    Looking for payed Nitro Habbo Setup

    Hello everyone. So recently i have been getting back to habbo, and i wanted to setup my own hotel for testing purposes. Since habbo does not support flash, i wanted to setup a Nitro Hotel for testing purposes and further development. I therefor look for someone who can setup a nitro hotel...
  9. tobi3591

    Microsoft azure portforwarding help

    Hello, i have created a azure virtual machine, and i want to portforward my hotel. I have tryed to firewall allow inbounds, and even on azures portal, but i still cannot access the hotel Thanks
  10. tobi3591

    Furnidata translator?

    Hello, i was wondering, if someone have a furnidata (xml) translater, so i can translate my furniture more efficient? I'm currently making a danish retro, can was going to translate everything to danish :) If someone have somekind of trick to this, please let me know =) Best regards!
  11. tobi3591

    [ARCTURUS EMU] Missing clothings

    Hello. I'm currently missing some clothings in my arcturus emulator. When i choose the clothing it disconnects me. Even in the clothing in catalogue is missing. Krews discord ain't helping much. Any idea? I have anydesk btw
  12. tobi3591

    How do i know where the door is, on floorplan codes? [Arcturus EMU]

    Hello there. I was going to make some public rooms on my hotel, but i get this error with the door has no tile. How do i find out, where the doortile is, on the code? This happends to all of the floorplan codes :) Any idea? This is the new picnic xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx...
  13. tobi3591

    Portforwarding issues

    Hello, i'm trying to make a local hotel, too test mobile version and browser. Besides that, the hotel is running fine on localhost and local ip adress, but while my friend is trying to connect with his phone and browser, he is not able. I'm running xampp, no errors, running on 80, 443 3306. I...
  14. tobi3591

    Celestial 2019 Furni

    Celestial furni including SWF, Icons, Furnidata, Catalog_items and furniture SQL.These SQL's is for plus :) Download link
  15. tobi3591

    Looking for paid strong coder / developer!

    Hello Devbest I'm hireing developers who can help with setting up new codes, features to my brand new danish hotel I have struggled my self coding, making graphic's and adding a bunch of stuff, but this will increase the development of my hotel, if i hire someone to help with it...
  16. tobi3591

    Where is SaveBotActionEvent.cs located? Can't search on it..

    Hello Devbest. Where is SaveBotActionEvent.cs located??? I apparently can't search on it on my server :) Best regards
  17. tobi3591

    [PLUS EMU V2/3] Fix kickchair on plusemu

    Hello Devbest. I'm running a hotel on plus emu v2, technically a V3, but i have some issues with kickchair. Then people stand still, a kickchair can't interact with the user, and just let the user stand on the furni. If someone knows how to fix this, please send me a message on Discord...
  18. tobi3591

    Habbo Emulator (PLUSEMU) Public Navigator fix

    Hello Devbest. Me and Friis have found a fix for the Habbo Emulator (Plusemu) with the public navigator isn't working. Whilest looking at the code, from where navigator_publics and the categories we found out, that the navigator isn't loading from the categories ID, but instead of the name of...
  19. tobi3591

    Find items using query

    Hello everyone. I can't quite remember what query to find specific items from items. I have some rares that i want to move to different page in catalog_page
  20. tobi3591

    ShockCMS 2.2 Crate system?

    Hello Devbest. I was wondering, where to find the system for crates in shockcms? I have seen it on Scandinavian hotels, and found it really nice. for showcase: I use Habbo Emulator (plusemu v2/v3) Discord: Tobias#1911